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Asian cooking for centuries has always been very much a balanced with rice as one of our staple diet along with meat and vegetables; however as the world becomes closer since the fourth quarter of the 20th century especially when the Straits of Malacca became famous between East and West trades, ingredients such as wheat were introduced into the mix of our Tanah Melayu diet.

Yet as the growing technology advances, so was the complexity of food; and we recently have started to realise that more and more people, particularly even children from the recent research in 2019 have started developing gluten intolerance at an early age.

This got us wonder; our ancestors never / rarely had that problem, and we have noticed that why our own family business was adamant with rice, corn and tapioca flour business from day one.
With the current concerning health studies, we truly wish to bring this trend back to the mass; and we would have thought that becoming gluten free particularly with our main product, rice flour, in modern era would be hard.

Fortunately, we were wrong.

Gluten-free recipe has been quite a welcoming resource for us from the vegan community; and we found one particular recipe that we hope would excite you to experiment with us as we start our journey introducing both traditional and modern recipes that can use our products as daily needs.

One of them, we found is – The Rice Bread


Packed with poppy seeds and raisins, we find this wonderful recipe would serve greatly for many who actually prefer a western flavour in the Asian side of the region.

This wonderful Vegan baker, Rhian Williams, has a great step by step guide so you will not feel lost from experimenting it. It is even sugar free so cancer fighting patients could totally opt into looking this, not as a staple diet, but a treat with family members once a while.

What we love is that she has found a great balance combination of rice and tapioca flour as one of her ingredients, although she did mention that brown rice is 60% main cast of the recipe; which can be easily found in Malaysia (even via online).


To make it even better, the whole page ended with nutrient facts that you can truly look as a guide for your best need, and needless to say, we love this recipe!

Would you give that a go? We know we definitely will, with a tweak of perhaps pumpkin seeds instead of poppy for an even affordable loaf.

Where can you find this recipe?

You can click on the image above just to get to the website.

Where can you find two of our ingredients, the white rice flour and tapioca flour?

Now you can get it from 24 hours KK Mart all over Klang Valley, and we particularly know that the Damansara KK Mart Branch has it; but we would definitely look into ways to allow you to have access to our products much easier online in the future.


Our products on the flour shelf section

Cap Dua Gajah

Where you can find us in mainstream media


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I approve of this plant-based posts.
Upvote 👍

Thank you. We hope to share more recipes in the future

That would be nice!

Dear @capduagajah

I've been introduced to your profile by @dses and I immidately noticed that you're from Malaysia. I used to live there for number of years (until quite recently) and I'm missing this country quite a bit from time to time.

Great initiative. I wish you all the best. Upvote on the way :)

Thank you for your support @crypto.piotr . We are very new to this platform and thanks to @dses , @gtpjfoodbank and @littlenewthings encouragements we have decided to give it a go to introduce our products here.

Please feel free to visit Malaysia again; and hopefully one day our products can reach where you are.

Best wishes

Good morning @capduagajah

We are very new to this platform

What's your impression so far?

Would you mind if I take few minutes of your time? (I hope I'm not asking this question to often ;)

Anyway .... together with few core members of project.hope team - we'te trying to promote our recent publication: an article explaining economy behind our non-profit community project build on STEEM blockchain.

Perhaps I could ask you to spare few minutes and check it out and share your feedback with me.

I would absolutely appreciate it a lot. I read all comments and I drop solid upvote on each valuable one.

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Yours, Piotr

Looks delicious indeed

Surprisingly yes, and at a glance you wouldn't realise that it is made of rice flour

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All the best with your mission :D
I shall go look for these the next time I am in KK

Thank you for supporting 🙂
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