VEIL : The first zerocoin-based cryptocurrency with "always-on" privacy.

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Hello everyone, back in my blog again, I'm sorry i not very active in writing articles about cryptocurrency projects because of something important in my life. But this time I again wrote a review of the cryptocurrency project, in this article I will discuss the Veil Project. Some people do not always care about their privacy, there are many people who ignore privacy about their lives, personal data or important information about finance. But do you know that actual privacy is very important, many people who are not responsible are misusing the privacy of others in acts of crime. Information about personal data is the most common crime, some media informed that there were at least 13 million personal data sold on DarkWeb, which could be used as a non-criminal one in transactions.


Because of this problem it is the underlying development of the cryptocurrency project called Veil. Project Veil is a cryptocurrency that focuses on anonymity in a transaction without compromise. Veil was developed with the latest bitcoin protocol with the Bitcoin Core 0.17.0 version, moreover the developer of Veil added several features that support transaction anonymity, namely:

  1. Dendelion Protocol
  2. Ring Confidential Transaction
  3. Zerocoin Protocol
  4. UX Driven Design
  5. Alway On Transaction
  6. Universal Backup Seed

The mission of the veil, they want to develop a cryptographic privacy protocol called "VEIL LABS". Projects from the veil will continue to be committed to being a stable and high performance cryptocurrency project for every transaction that uses a veil and the team will continue to strive to develop platforms that are stability, usability & performance.

Information Coins

Veil itself is not ERC20, but a veil is a coin that has its own blockchain. Veil Coins using system the Proof of Work (PoW) & Proof Of Stake (PoS) system. In the first year since the veil was released, there will be 100 veils that can be mined every 60 seconds, the rate will drop periodically until it reaches 20 veils per block in the 6-18-18 years and after that no more emissions from the coin veils.

Currently, veils can also be traded in several exchanges, if you cannot do veil coin mining. Buying a coin veil is one of the second options and after that, you can stake to get more veils. Various types of exchanges that have been active in trading activities:

  • Bisq
  • Graviex
  • Zolex
  • ChainRift
  • STEX
  • Reflextrader
  • BitMesh


It is expected that the presence of the cryptocurrency veil can solve some privacy problems, especially in financial transactions. The presence of a veil can be a solution for us to increase our awareness about anonymity which can endanger ourselves from people who always want to commit crimes in the future.

All this for a review of the project veil this time, if there are things you want to ask about the article this time you can ask in the comments column below. Moreover, if the information I share is still not enough, you can visit the link below to get more information about the veil:

ANN Bitcointalk

Information Author :
Bitcointalk Username : ryzaadit
Bitcointalk Link :;u=961598
Veil Address : bv1qzad89j9l4p2s8086lyr5zj2yhn2w2hfsugahcp


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