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The issue facing blockchain today is the tracing of users transactions which has led to wallet hacking. The anonymity needed us not enough to protect the community funds. If your wallet is traceable, hackers will see means if knowing what you have and hunt for perfect ways of hacking the wallet which is the bug problem in crypto. Exchanges have had this problems which landed into folding of the platforms. But so good it is that we now have untraceable wallet, It is not a new thing that transactions initiated on blockchain can be traced to its last. Veil privacy without compromise platform. A perfect security platform VEIL.

Veil platform have introduced another newest version of zerocoin 1.7.0 which is in bitcoin form with this new version of zerocoin makes privacy of veil top notch together with other features. Veil technology revolutionalized the crypto privacy lagging with its great features. In terms of anonymity, veil platform got it the best. The users wallet is 100% ensures using blockchain technology.

With veil, users can stake earnings through proof of stakes and proof of work. They joined the two technological tools for staking and minings to make sure users holding veil mines, stakes and earn within the platform with a protected privacy and wallet.

Veil is a perfect privacy platform created on zerocoin protocol to ensure and enhance privacy. Zerocoin on veil ensures that every transactions carried out on veil has the best privacy. No exposure of users details. And it also enhances fast transaction.

Veil employed men of intelligence to see to the root of privacy. VEIL LAB, this are men I call "researchers" their function is to ensure that Veil becomes the real privacy platform. They ensure every issue that has to do with privacy gets sorted out, they encourage now and future developers, educate them on full privacy so that every platform coming to veil gets to know the various ways of enhancing and protecting users.
Another important thing i would want us to know is veil never did ICO, veil is a self funded platform with real men that organised themselves to see the end of privacy challenge facing blockchain.

Veil uses ASIC-resistant X16RT hashing algorithm helps to protect users and investors from outside influence. This instrument veil introduced will enhance safety of users funds against outsiders.

Veil Dandelion also ensures full security on blockchain. It ensures untraceable transaction. It prevents outside users from intruding by making sure each transacted users doesn't see the transaction of each other unlike blockchain that everything is wide open and traceable.

Searching for where Veil project is trading. I'm pleased to announce to have that veil is trading on so many exchanges including just newly launched

Veil platform is trading on several exchanges of which I will list them here so you guys can go and purchase some.

VINEX Network
 Probit. (Newly listed)

Veil platform got all we need, its innovation got the market moving, if you can check, the privacy being fully initiated has gotten blockchain to its amazing length. Let's keep privacy going, let's keep veil progressing as we are security assured and more promises coming from veil.



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Really making sense since I'm so concerned about privacy. I'll look more into the staking aspect of veil, nice piece