After reading "I never thought I would go hungry in my old age": what it is like to live with a pension of US $ 1.3 a month - Venezuela

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Source of image - Venezuela Tops the Misery Index Once Again

After reading a news item published by the BBC on its Spanish site "I never thought I would go hungry in my old age": what is it like to live with a pension from US $ 1.3 a month, which is part of the series of reports and interviews grouped in the "Crisis in Venezuela" collection, I found myself almost wanting to turn off the computer, as the immediate result was a bit of depression, a bit of anger and a lot of hopelessness.

But, I cannot deny that what the publication relates is a reality that I encounter daily, the lack of quality of life, the deficit of public services, the constant failure of the electrical service, the failures of public transportation, the economic incapacity of maintaining a minimal healthy diet with a decent income ...

Certainly, everything is largely related to the drop in income from oil production, both due to the drop in international prices and the systematic destruction that the Chavista governments have carried out of the national oil industry.

The misery that the publication portrays shows the failure of the hope of a better life, rather managing to go from a Caribbean utopia to being a dystopia that serves as a worldwide lesson.

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