Can a country with gas fields not have domestic gas for its citizens?

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The quick answer to the question is: Yes.

The example that I have at hand of this answer is Venezuela, the country with one of the largest hydrocarbon reserves in the world, with an abundance of mineral resources in its subsoil and large deposits of natural gas. But the image that heads this post is of a situation that has gradually become more frequent, it is a protest of ordinary people claiming for the lack of domestic gas or for the refusal to sell domestic gas.

In the same way that the economic policies of the ruling class have been aimed at the destruction of the productive sector and have even brought the production of oil and its derivatives to insignificant levels, in the same way, the extraction of gas from the fields and its processing into domestic gas has been adversely affected as part of the strategy of systematic destruction of industries carried out by the political caste.

This has damaged the quality of life of the population, but gives the benefit to the political class that they can administer handouts in order to maintain their welfare and extreme populism policies. Thus, it is a question of creating a clientele herd and not of maintaining the state and quality of life of the citizens of the republic.

For those who unscrupulously pursue power there is no limit to what they are willing to do to obtain it and then to keep it.

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