Model and economic system of the Venezuelan government: success or failure

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One of the first things to be able to evaluate whether a result constitutes a success or a failure, at least as far as I understand the evaluation of public policies and economic policies, is to initially identify your goals and then contrast them with the achievements made for their fulfillment .

Thus, I have a serious doubt as to whether the situation of the economic and political policies of the Venezuelan government can be evaluated as successful or unsuccessful. Initially, if the objective of the model and the economic system pursued by the government were to reduce poverty in the population, the achievement of a 'higher level of happiness' for citizens, the creation of new social opportunities and the overcoming of the capitalist world-model ... well, then I would have to say that I consider it a monumental failure.

But, what if the real objective was from the beginning the creation of a populist clientele system, where political and economic corruption managed to permeate at all levels of the administration of public affairs, where the traditional social values ​​of puncture and work will be considered a symptom of stupidity, a system of government in which the sole purpose was to stay in power regardless of the cost in quality of life or number of deaths ... well, in that case I have to admit that the model implemented it is successful and to a great extent.

You see, I don't think that the level of disaster we have in Venezuela is simply a product of the stupidity of the ruling class and the 'evil' of the 'Empire' that they usually identify with the USA. I never believe that things are as simple as a politician says, in the case of Latin American politicians there is an old rule, if he is not lying to you it is that he is not speaking, it is very cruel, but the credibility of the political caste is something that is at the level of each speech and each statement, because the common population assumes that reality is exactly the opposite of what politicians are saying.

So, if I see that they tell me that the goals pursued by the politicians were noble and high, because because of the Empire and its lackeys they have not succeeded, then, it can be understood that the achievement of anything high and nothing was never their goal. On the contrary, the idea that moved them was to steal everything they could and stay in power at any cost, be it using the Empire as an enemy, real or imaginary, as well as creating enemies and causing problems of all kinds to destroy the quality of life and sacrificing the population in pursuit of its benefits.

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