SELF-Destruction of the productive apparatus as State Policy: Venezuela of the XXI Century

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It is difficult for me to understand ... rather, it is impossible for me to understand what motivates a group in a country to destroy, with full knowledge of what they do, one of its greatest industrial and manufacturing wealth. It is an action of collective suicide that I cannot find a way to interpret as something born from the mind of a sane person.

But that is exactly what I find when I review what has happened with the production and manufacturing of the iron-mining industrial complex in Venezuela, grouped under the acronym of SIDOR. The production of steel, iron derivatives and products manufactured with these raw materials had been increasing, reaching a record level in 2007 that was very hopeful, but the Chavista government of the late President Chavez decided to nationalize these companies and from then on they An unstoppable debacle began, in fact, it was the decisions and appointment of directives by the government that led to the destruction of production levels and the paralysis of companies.

By the way, I must clarify that what the message says in the tweet is: For the first time in 57 years of history, Sidor will close a year (2019) without taking out a single wash, without producing a drop of liquid steel. Chavismo ruined the most important steel company in Latam and its workers / #Guayana

In the graph, the red bars indicate the production levels since the company was nationalized by Chavez and continues during the government of his political heir, the current President Maduro, who continued the actions of his predecessor and managed to bring production to level 0 ... Yes, at the level of NOTHING.

I have serious doubts that this was not part of a government policy, it was too systematic and maintained over time to be suspected of something strange, if it were executed by foreigners one would think that it is an 'international conspiracy' but it turns out that those who They are the national political leaders.

To achieve the goal of destroying the Venezuelan metallurgical industry, they dedicated themselves to appointing officials loyal to the party or the leaders of the day, but who were not in any way knowledgeable about any form of business administration or who had the capacity to manage, that is, they deliberately chose people who would lead to failure in whatever industry they lead.

Then, unbridled corruption was dismantled that consumed resources, support was given to union leaders who bought and numbed the consciences of the workers to instill in them that it was not important to produce, it was only important to applaud the leader in power and render lawsuits.

Profits were dismantled, maintenance planning destroyed, initiatives to stimulate production were pursued and punished, and ideologization was encouraged.

These things seriously make us think that it is a question of 'Treason to the Fatherland' inasmuch as the political and military leaders who passed through these positions seem to have been appointed in those positions to destroy the industrial capacity and weaken the republic instead of seeking to benefit the country.

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