The currency of Venezuela has lost 50% of its value with respect to the dollar in the last month.

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When you think you have seen enough of human stupidity, you can always find that you have not yet seen its most extreme manifestations.

I am looking at the graph of the variation of the exchange rate of the national currency of Venezuela with respect to the dollar and its last month causes me a bit of vertigo.

I am surprised, but I am also scared when considering that this result is the product of the fully conscious actions of the government in power and, practically, of the entire political caste. That is, with full knowledge of the consequences, the factors of economic and political power in Venezuela have created the conditions for the destruction of purchasing power and the value of the national currency.

This is almost at the level of the old crime of 'Treason to the Fatherland'

I do not see an end to this stupidity in the management of economic policies or in the pressure actions of the factors that are politically opposed to the government, at least apparently opposed to it, but one comes to believe that they are actually partners who They work together to annihilate the population using poverty and hunger as a weapon, managing to kill the dwindling people, lack of medicines, repeated failures of public services, annihilation of national productive sectors, destruction of private economic capacities, dismantling of the public productive sector ...

A relative commented to me that this kind of madness was as if we were in a Batman comic and the Joker had managed to take over the government, that is, we would have a sociopath or psychopath in charge of the government and he would be enjoying killing and torturing people, while He also manages to win or steal money by the handful.

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