Venezuela 20 years after the Government Plan to corrupt the military forces: Plan Bolívar 2000

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The month of December is approaching and Venezuela is experiencing another year of having the most miserable economy in the world, the worst value of the corruption perception index in the region, the highest hyperinflation in the recent history of the world economy. ..

Well, this whole scenario suggests that things have not been good, they are not good and it does not seem that they will improve in a short time. That has given me some nostalgia for the living conditions before the debacle and makes me question that it brought a country as abundant with resources as Venezuela to such a sorry state.

Undoubtedly, the causes are divided into various sectors and in the game of national and international powers, but there is something that strikes me and it is the fact that many of the actions of the ruling political faction during the 21st century acted directly to stimulate administrative opacity, as well as economic and political corruption at all levels.

The situation makes it practically a State Policy to persecute anyone who evidently denounces the acts of corruption and promotes the corrupt to positions of power and decision-making ever higher so that they can steal to a greater extent and succeed in extending the activities of the criminal groups to which they belong.

I can mark the beginning of this panorama with a program of the late Ex-President Chavez, the so-called Plan Bolívar 2000, which implied assigning without supervision large, very large amounts of money directly to members of the military establishment without comptroller or supervision to supposedly develop productive activities and Of social impact, in reality the State's money was embezzled and a clique of criminals was created that formed a new Mafia.

I admit that the military mafia is something that has existed for a long time in Latin American countries and it would be rather strange if some sectors of the military power were not involved in criminal acts and criminal chains, but I have never been able to find that a government openly encouraged the corruption of its military force and provide the conditions for the entire institution to be corrupted at all existing levels.

You might think that the higher-ups know nothing about me that the current President did not know anything about such corruption and the creation of a mafia ... but, to accept such a premise, it would be necessary to start from the fact that they were imbeciles and it is not credible that Those who reach high positions are complete idiots. Thus, it can be assumed that they knew what was happening and freely allowed it, in some cases placing their loyal followers to steal and also share with them the spoils of the theft of state resources.

If you wonder why something like this was done, the reasons can be varied, but there is an interesting thing that has to do with the conservation of power at any cost, that is, if you manage to corrupt all forces, then all people will be complicit. and they cannot betray you or allow you to leave power, as they would be punished for the administrative crimes they committed.

In addition, carrying out a national policy of systematically corrupting all members of the military forces also carries an intention of control, that is, as long as you are 'my thief and accomplice' I will not persecute you and I will give you new and better opportunities for you to steal. , but if you try to leave the mob, then I will draw the evidence against you and plunge you mercilessly.

Source in Spanish - - General detainee, former head of Plan Bolívar 2000 in Maiquetía

An example of something like this can be seen with the General who was the first in charge of Plan Bolívar 2000, Víctor Antonio Cruz Weffer, who was known to be involved in acts of embezzlement and corruption, but was protected until he was no longer useful and it was decided to eliminate him and hunt him down like a criminal. I am not defending such a person, I just alert the unsuspecting reader that not all the 'champions' who persecuted this criminal were clean people, that is, more than an act of law enforcement, it was a Settlement of Accounts between Mafias or a redistribution of the power of criminal groups.

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