Byteball Steemit airdrop - get 10 $ - 160 $ for free

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What you will get?

Steemit reputation above -> $:
30 -> 10 $
40 -> 20 $
50 -> 40 $
60 -> 80 $
70 -> 160 $

Byteball is still listed on many exchanges, for example Bittrex.

How does it work?

a) Install the wallet over this link:
There are wallets for IOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Linux and the Code on GitHub.

b) Install the wallet as single adress wallet. It is standart, just don't change something.

c) Open in the wallet: Chat ->Bot Store -> Steem atestation bot.

d) Follow the steps in the bot.

e) You get your Byteball airdrop coins.

Resteem Bot VIPs:

@amigurumi 14.07.2018 - 14.08.2018

#resteembot #bestofresteembot #winwithresteembot #resteembotvip

Who is / flauschi / (many other accounts)..


Who is / flauschi / (many other accounts)..

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I can't believe I only just now found this!!!


What you can not believe?

Who is / flauschi / (many other accounts)..

That I only now found out about this byteball thing

No self upvote payout for this hypocrite and immoral individual!

Who is / flauschi / (many other accounts)..