3 Ways to Earn VRA

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Video contents are one of the best things to deliver an idea to a large amount of audience. YouTube, Twitch and Vimeo are 3 of best video sharing platforms on the internet right now. The advertisers also using video contents to deliver their product reviews to users. But all of the users don't like to see ads when they are watching favourite videos. That reason will be going the viewers against advertisers.

The Verasity rewarded video player technology is giving a chance to get rewards for viewers. That means the Verasity will be solving the main problem of the viewers against advertisers. The viewers can get VRA rewards when watching their favourite videos. Today I'm going to share with you a few ways to earn VRA yourself.

First on the list is the watching videos. The publishers, content creators and live streamers will offer VRA rewards watching videos on their sites. I'm going to share how you can earn VRA rewards by yourself watching videos.

Before you getting started to watch videos, you have to create VeraWallet to receive your VRA rewards. Just click on "create account" and enter your email and password to have your own VeraWallet.


You have your own VeraWallet right now. Let's get started to earn VRA. Just click on the Earn VRA on VeraWallet website's top menu. The publishers, content creators and live streamers have listed the offerings below on Earn VRA section. You can click any video to watch. The link will redirect to the publisher's site automatically.

You can see a trophy icon right to on the video. When you see the trophy icon turn on green, click it and claim the reward. That's it and you have got your VRA reward. After that, you can check out other videos from the list to maximize your VRA rewards. The VRA rewards will be received to your VeraWallet instantly.


The Verasity and CoinSuper exchange has made a strong partnership recently. The exciting thing about that partnership is, you can earn VRA rewards by watching videos on CoinSuper exchange. The CoinSuper exchange is publishing introductory videos of coins and tokens. That means you can get VRA rewards while you learning about cryptocurrencies. The CoinSuper exchange has VRAB/ETH trading pair right now.

The Verasity has recently migrated Binance Chain and now trading on Binance DEX with VRAB/BNB trading pair. This is one of the leading options trading platform powered by smart contracts. After Binance Chain migration, the Verasity has 2 tickers right now. The VRA is ERC-20 on Ethereum blockchain and VRAB is BEP-2 on Binance Chain. This is an important thing to know when you are going to deposit or withdraw your VRA rewards. The thing is you can only transfer VRA to ERC-20 tokens supported wallets and VRAB to BEP-2 tokens supported wallets.

You can convert your VRA rewards to VRAB from VeraWallet with one click. The VeraWallet can use to send and receive VRA or VRAB too. The Verasity listed exchanges on coinmarketcap will help to exchange your VRA rewards.


I believe they are really simple steps and easily get VRA rewards with watching the videos. You can convert VRA to VRAB anytime and trade them from exchanges.

The second way to earn VRA is the stake in your VeraWallet. You can earn 0.1% daily interest to your investment in your VeraWallet. You need a minimum 100,000 VRA and maximum 200,000,000 VRA to participate staking campaign. Just simple thing you have to do for the stake in VeraWallet. Create or sign in to your VeraWallet account, deposit VRA from exchanges or personal wallet and click on stake.

The third way on my list is trade in exchanges. The exchanges are one of the best way to trade options. That's right, you all know about this. You can maximize your VRA tokens with trading.

There you have it 3 great ways to earn VRA. If you need help with any of these ventures, just visit the telegram group. The links are below. I hope you enjoyed the article.

Website : https://verasity.io
Telegram : https://t.me/verasitychat
Twitter : https://twitter.com/verasitytech
Reddit : https://www.reddit.com/r/Verasity

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