VERGE (XVG/BTC): Breakouts in Both Price & MACD!!

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VERGE (XVG/BTC) has broken out in both price and MACD. The below chart shows the types of patterns, Elliott Waves and Indicator (MACD) I've presented in other coins. The breakouts of this type are exactly what my analysis is projecting. So, what next? I personally require two rounds of impulse waves up to become convinced of a trend change. Note how I didn't say to buy; that's been done well in advance of the turn using the laddering technique.

The closeup of the waves show that the first round of impulse (blue waves) are currently in progress. I believe wave 5 up is in progress. Following that, a minor correction before the second impulse setup. It won't be a staright up process and also Bitcoin (BTC) has to collaborate or lead.

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Not sure how verge is holding so well tbh

The team is announcing a "huge" partnership on the 17th.

The 1200sat range is what I had pegged for a target as well. Thank you for confirming! And thanks for taking the request!

Great analisis master!

This is mine...
VERGE BTC  07 04 18.png

wish you all massive profits!!

@haejin I love the analysis and break down
Easy to comprehend


Gracias @haejin por compartir tu analisis, cariños y besos.

Hi @haejin, please help to vote me @waliyurrahman as I am new in steemit.and you are very experienced in steemit.

Thank you for this post. Approx. where would bottom of the smaller correction be? Around 700?

Thank you !

everyone is gonna FOMO so hard by the 17th of April because of the never seen before partnership Verge team has to announce! This is the fundamental reason why the price surged actually. And it fits the EW count. How beautiful is that! :)

The rally could reach as high as 1500 sats though, precisely because of the FOMO the news will bring up.

Too bad the Verge chain is getting owned as we speak by an attacker Mining %100 of the blocks by himself. Also the block times have been changed to 1 second for the last couple of days. This/These Person/s own that fucking chain right now. If anyone here on Steemit is Holding this coin and does not know about this HUGE issue going on right now, I invite you to go check it out on Bitcointalk
If you read through These pages, and I mean ALLLL of it, I would recommend to reevaluate any postions tha one might have with this coin at this Moment.
There are many Things going wrong right now, I simply wouldnt know were to start of with. Or maybe I do...
The Dev accidently forked this coin.....

While the attack is true I think your post is promoting unnecessary FUD.

unnecessary FUD. Did I read that right?! THE ENTIRE CHAIN IS BEING CONTROLLED BY AN ATTACKER!!! FOR DAYS NOW!!!!!!!!How much fking worse can it get? He/they are the only ones mining coins now and orphaning ALLLLLLL other blocks .Like I wasnt even going to Reply but wtf man. Let that sink in for a sec and then tell me im FUDing.

Calm down my friend. My point was yes the chain was hacked and someone mined some empty blocks (which are obviously known) but no one lost any coins, like other chain attacks. There is a new wallet which fixes the issue, and from what I see mining is available again. They have a major partnership announcement imminent, so no need to keep spreading the FUD, let dev deal with the attack and move on

Check out @TruthTrader. It tracks Haejin's performance.

Great work

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@haejin I love the analysis and break down
Easy to comprehend

Darn was hoping for a wave C as I thought we hit the top of the fifth. Thank you for posting!

So was I:)

Here is what I think is going to happen. It just makes the most sense to me. The C wave could hit 600 but I wouldn't expect it to drop too much. XVG is on fire. This drop would invalidate the motive spike back on the fifth.

I've been studdying XVG/BTC chart and what puzzles me is the spike back on the 5th. That spike would have to carry a full 5 waves (which it doesn't) and that would mean that the 5th wave we are in is going to be a extended-extended fifth. In other words get ready for a HUGE uptick so that we can use the spike on the fifth as wave 1 to a sub wave. OR we are in a ABC correction still. I see the cup and handle formation but dropping into a wave C would not invalidate the cup and handle. This is a tricky one. As of writing this comment we are dropping in price from our last touch of the top of the handle. It seems a bit funky if this is our sub wave 1 of our fifth wave. I re bought just in case we are going to jump. I am still leaning towards a low only because the current motive waves are not strong enough to justify anything substantial.

PS The line drawn across represents the top of the handle and I am targeting the cup and handle formation to 1600-1700 sats.

I like this analysis. I upvoted and follow. definitely buying XVG now

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