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RE: "Large" Partnership (Paypal? Stripe?) Imminent For Verge, +85% This Week

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So are you saying to hold verge for the moment or sell ? I still have verge and I think that it will hit a dollar this year wathever the news. Looking at really crapy coins they still go up in a bull run. Verge made a name for its self so I think it will surprise a lot of people once again. This is the moment that I have been waiting for :))
I fell sorry for the ones that missed a good entry on price that was flashing when it was around 0.002$
I love low price coins check out flashcoin this is another one I’m waiting to go up again and it most probably will. Entry point was 0.003$ and now I think it’s a good entry point I think it will repeat it old high and go over it . These are just my opinions and I think it’s a good asymmetrical bet.
Good luck to all !