Increase Your Mining Profits! How To CPU & GPU Mine Veruscoin on Verushash 2.1 (2020 Mining Guide)

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Maximize your monies! Increase your mining profitability with your CPUs and GPUs by mining the new Veruscoin VRSC Verushash 2.1 algorithm. Here's our in-depth video guide tutorial! Subscribe to VoskCoin -

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Veruscoin has been actively developing their cryptocurrency. Veruscoin was originally a 100% proof of work PoW mineable cryptocurrency. They have enabled a 50% PoW 50% staking blockchain consensus mechanism that they claim enables 51% protection for them. Typically the Veruscoin block reward is 24 coins, however when they activate VerusID each time an ID is purchased 100 Veruscoins go into the blockchain directly back to the miners. So if each new block one new VerusID is purchased, then the new block reward for that block would be 124 Veruscoins. This is a SUBSTANTIAL increase in potential coins to be mined and naturally, the mining profitability will skyrocket because of this. This is also an irregular occurrence that will decrease over time (aside from FOMO style events), so the most profitable time to mine Veruscoin will be around the hardfork to the new mining algorithm and activation of VerusID. This is especially true if you're looking for maximum profits on your CPU and GPU mining hardware, mainly CPU but GPU may still be profitable especially compared to the lackluster GPU mining market currently. This video guide will show you how to mine with your CPU in your gaming rig or mining rig. This video guide reviews Intel CPUs for CPU mining as well as AMD Ryzen CPUs for mining. Intel and Ryzen CPUs can both use the same miner programs for mining, for example nheqminer, ccminer (CPU build), and xmrig for Monero Randomx.

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