uhmmm.......I think he explained he had to start somewhere so he is starting with the groups he is most active with and then will build his idea from there.........

Bloody hell mate, I'm gonna get one up for Team Australia too!

and IDK, what do you want from me, I've made grumpy cat look like a cute little purring kitten the last IDK how many days, feels like an eternity!

Watch out, I may just put you on a thank you list, if you continue with these types of questions!


Put ComedyOpenMic on your List and I'll delegate 300SP and talk to others to delegate some too.

Also, Sorry about the Fuck You.

Dunno why, just felt the need.

Thanks for the offer, but I'm not that way inclined.


I won't knock till I try it, but one colonoscopy was enough for me to hold back on experimenting with my sexuality!

PS. Are you Aussie? YES.

Are you a Witness? YES

Well, wait your fkn turn mate, go crack open a cold one and chill out!