@ThankU - My Response to FKN BLACKLISTS!

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You know, these past days, have been kind of interesting!

To say the least!

Cut a long story short, I was getting treatment for my back, then went to the chiropractor and had physio too!

I wasn't the best of company so to say, in fact I tried to avoid "crowds" if possible!

However, no matter how positive I try to be, I GOT REALLY UPSET!


Soon enough, there will be a blacklist of those people who still wear superhero underwear!

I was tempted to start one of my own: A blacklist for every contest that I don't win!

Why not, if every Tom, Dick & Harry can have a blacklist of their own, so can I!

Well, I woke up this morning, checked the bots/services that I am managing and a ruddy lightbulb exploded above my head from how much it was shining!

Instead of a friggin "blacklist" I'm gonna do 2 "Whitelists", better yet "THANK YOU LISTS".

Yep, simple enough, while the rest of the world is looking to ban and police people, I'm gonna say


But thank you for what?

Well, then I figured, to myself, 'Two of the communities I'm active in have a number of Steem Witnesses, so why not say thanks to everyone who votes for them/us.

However, I'm not a Whale, so if I were to do that, it would suck all the Voting Power (VP) up dry in not time.

So I figured, well, how about I sprinkle a few votes out to those who vote for two or more Steem Witnesses in these communities! WHY NOT! It's my SP, I can do with it as I wish and if I want to give it to the people supporting the Witnesses in communities that I am active in, then who has the right to complain!

Likewise, it's not as if I have tens of thousands or millions of Steem on my accounts or on a HDD somewhere! Wasn't part of the "VIP" club that had all the exclusive opportunities back in the day!

No big deal!

So for starters, I figured I'll go with the communities I'm active in:

Military Veterans of Steemit


Team Australia

So, for starters I opened up two new accounts:
The first one is: @thanku
and the second one is @thanksmate

Have taken care of @thanku today and will have the data collected and sorted for @thanksmate some time in the wee hours of the morning.

Hence, here is a quick guide to @thanku.

The Veterans community has five Steem Witnesses now (in alphabetical order):

@castellano (managed by @nnnarvaez)






Note: @nobewitness is actually a team of four people among which is a Vet. @anarcho-andrei.

I only could afford to delegate 500SP, which isn't much, but I am short on SP in every which way possible, so for me this is currently a truck load, most of us know that feeling!

As for the voting:

For those who have voted for any:

2 of the above witnesses @thanku gives a 1% vote

3 of the above witnesses @thanku gives a 2% vote

4 of the above witnesses @thanku gives a 3% vote

all 5 of the above witnesses @thanku gives a 4% vote (this one might change later on, once I see how the VP holds up).

on 1 post per day per Steemian.

How often will I be updating the spreadsheet/data?

Once every 4 to 5 weeks, I'm in no rush, are you?

Now if anyone has anything bad to say about this, I will recommend you go call someone who cares!

Because I am so sick and tired of all the negheads out there, all the complainers, whingers and other WOFTAMS who have nothing better to do than to waste their lives on BS negativity.

So, basically, if you don't like my "THANK YOU LIST" too bad so sad!

I don't plan on doing any friggin blacklists!

During the next week or two, I'm going to come up with a few more "THANK YOU" lists and just spread the positivity and good vibrations!

& boohooo to all those who don't like it!

Thanks for your time & keep your eyes wide open for many more THANK YOU LISTS!

Yours Truly


Behold, my blacklist:

omg this post is awesome! lol!

Now if anyone has anything bad to say about this, I will recommend you go call someone who cares!

I've had something of the same attitude lately. But I also want to see more positivity, and I LOVE what you're doing here. I already vote for 4 out of those 5 witnesses... Great people doing great things for the blockchain. Hope you get some delegations and that the SP grows! :)

Should have known you had something clever up your sleeve, Captain Jack! Way to show the hot-air-woftams that the same energy CAN be used to do something constructive. I love your delivery, mate! You say what ya mean, mean what you say.. 🍻 To that rare trait, M8 😎👍

Even when you are mad you crack me up.

Good on you for finding a perfect solution to the lists!

and I'm not here writing this comment. I'm on my patio enjoying the sun...... Really! :D

Nope! I @thanku for the 2% vote :D

Despite the circumstances always with innovative ideas @jackmiller. greetings and blessings!

Friend of truth from Venezuela I congratulate you. here you have many followers, it is a good idea that of the white list.

Great to have some more positivity here thank you Jack.

Now I know why I decided to vote you for witness! Man, wish I was half as creative, imaginative and positive as you concerning this platform. You, sir, not only identify what is wrong, but take action to improve it!

Jack Miller


Jack Miller does not just talk the talk , but he walks that walk.

haha wow i love these lines
Jack Miller does not just talk the talk , but he walks that walk.

Great Work ..... and great Idea as well .. 😊

Congratulations friend. You have a good work. Best regards

Great work.

Great Idea.

But why specifically veteran witnesses? Interested in letting other witnesses on your list?

uhmmm.......I think he explained he had to start somewhere so he is starting with the groups he is most active with and then will build his idea from there.........

Bloody hell mate, I'm gonna get one up for Team Australia too!

and IDK, what do you want from me, I've made grumpy cat look like a cute little purring kitten the last IDK how many days, feels like an eternity!

Watch out, I may just put you on a thank you list, if you continue with these types of questions!


Put ComedyOpenMic on your List and I'll delegate 300SP and talk to others to delegate some too.

Also, Sorry about the Fuck You.

Dunno why, just felt the need.

Thanks for the offer, but I'm not that way inclined.


I won't knock till I try it, but one colonoscopy was enough for me to hold back on experimenting with my sexuality!

PS. Are you Aussie? YES.

Are you a Witness? YES

Well, wait your fkn turn mate, go crack open a cold one and chill out!

Great initiative and in my opinion this way people will get the additional boost and in-turn they can spread the knowledge about the Witness System and also they can let new people know what importance Witnesses hold. Keep up this boosting and kind work.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂