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RE: VIACOIN (VIA) Just BUSTED OUT of a Downward Wedge!!

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I like most of your posts, but I have to say you're really stretching with these clickbait titles. JUST BUSTED OUT... on Christmas Day, 2 weeks ago....

Ya, I know you're laughing all the way to the bank with $500+ per post, but at this point I could just cruise random coins all day long and find JAWS OF WEALTH, DOWNWARD WEDGES, FRACTALS while completely forgetting about counting Elliot Waves, numerous CUP AND HANDLES FOR MASSIVE PROFITS!

Like I said, I generally like you and your posts, but this is getting rather silly. At this point it feels like you're looking for random stuff that vaguely fits a pattern, then breaking it up into a silly amount of posts just to game the system here on Steemit. The ridiculous alt-bull that we're in since December has meant that you could literally have chosen any coin in the top 100 to make 50%+ returns and been right on every single one.

I'm sure I'm about to be massively downvoted, but if I let that influence me I'd be no more than a hypocrite.


You are aware that there are over 1300 Altcoins on the market? And of those, Haejin is only writing about the few that have the potential to 'breakout' have 'jaws of wealth' etc? Those of us who wish to make profits don't wish to to hear about coins that aren't going to increase. You are criticising him for telling us which coins have the potential to increase- would you rather he wrote about the thousands of others that aren't?? Your criticism makes very little sense indeed.

Except for the fact that I was commenting primarily on the fact that haejin uses sensationalist clickbait titles and insists on having 10 posts a day that are nothing more than a paragraph and a screenshot. But that's what Steemit is apparently, so I guess you can't fault the guy for playing the game as it exists and maximizing his MASSIVE PROFITS!!

Choose one single coin in the top 100 (not the "1300 altcoins on the market" since you chose that out of thin air to bolster your strawman argument) that hasn't gone up 50% since the beginning of December if you want to make a point. Don't just kneejerk dismiss any and all criticism.

No one is forcing you to look at his posts.

Is it required to come up with dumb arguments when defending this guy?

I've said multiple times that I find a lot of his stuff interesting/valuable, and in those same posts I've said that his blatant reward-begging titles and post structure is off-putting. Apparently only praise is allowed.

everyone that invested into Crypto early 2017 (a large amount , lets say 100k) is rich by now. With rich i mean multiple millions.
Not sure if he really needs those few 100$ per post and keep in mind he also makes a lot of long videos that take much time, where he probably doesnt get anything from youtube)
i followed every single of his picks and made 6x of my money by now.
Many of his picks are perfect hits like i have never seen it before !
Everex he predicted 46728 Satoshi 1 month ago, yesterday it hit 47702 and when it was done it fell down by a lot again and is at 33000 now

Those that put in a large amount, had experience, and held are now millionnaires. I agree with you about Haejin. He has a 75% accuracy rate as he says, and he has a selfless side that I've rarely seen in others.

The argument isn't dumb; it's simply logical. But okay, keep whining as if it's going to affect the way he titles his posts.

I agree with you when it comes to the fact that all altcoins are bullish. Just look total market capitalisation. That is bullish. And look how BTC is loosing dominance.

So yes, you may invest in any alt in top 100,and have profits. I am not saying @haejin is not picking up interesting coins for profit. But it doesn't mean other coins don't grow.

Look up XRB, that thing is up 3000%+ in a month.

But what I am truly afraid of is that now there is a huge bullish market, that have risen really fast.

How much can this market rise before correction, that is more interesting question.

As @haejin had said, in the end, it is about how much fiat, not how much BTC, you have made. And that thruth may come unexpectedly out of fifth wave of total market cap uncrease like an orgasmic stream of FUD. :D

just keep in mind how many new people get into crypto everyday.. the market is just 3-4% of the NSYE (Stocks Trading)
this bubble is just beginning to blow up and it might last years before it blows.

when you put it into perspective compared to where the 3 count is... it's just busted out. Still a lot of money to be made, don't be hating

He may have clickbait esque' titles, but i have seen multiple predictions be literally a cent off of what he said. He is providing a real service to people here who have the patience to diligently grow their funds. If people havent learned to be skeptical about what most people say towards them, on or off the internet, that is not his problem. His titles actually seem like they derive from his own excitement.

Nobody gives a shit about your opinion.

Wow feels much better now