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Technology has advanced so much that it is now employed in almost every aspect of the human life ranging from health, finance etc. Technology is like an unchanging process which only keeps growing tremendously in it's quest to better the human life. Apart from the opportunities and challenges it has helped solved for the entire human populace, it has also provided humans with a little bit of leisure to ease stress, have fun and create memories which it launched or made possible through smart phones and social media. Social media is regarded as the interactive computer mediated form of technology which aids to facilitate the creation as well as sharing of information, ideas, career interests via a virtual network or community. But despite all these, an issues is thus ever looming within the social media space which is use of data.
In recent times, several social media platforms have been accused of bridge of privacy whereby they are said to be using or selling of users data without their consent. One thing with social media is that for you to be part of any community there in, you need to registered with your details and personal information which you do with the trust that your data is well secured but the platform will go behind and sell those data without the consent of the users.
Blockchain technology system is another dimensional technology which was created to solve the issue of centralisation said to be conversant with the technology space today and create a space where all data will be decentralised. Thus for users to enjoy all the leisures of social media experience while still having their data well protected, the VID platform is aiming tirelessly to create a space or ecosystem that will make all this come true.


The term VID basically stands for V- video I-income and D- data. VID is a social media based platform created with blockchain technology system the VID platform is all about creating memories and in turn monetising those memories created and thus enjoying full fledged data privacy. As earlier said three words led to the creation of the term VID;
VIDEO: which is to say that the platform is a video centric platform where videos are generated automatically and thus edited using AI.
INCOME: Talks about monetising the memories created within the platform.
DATA: gives users maximum control of their data allow them decide or detect what happens to the data.
But however inorder to stand out amongst other social media related platforms developed with blockchain technology system, VID will first solve the issues facing the current social media ecosystem and will in turn establish itself as a platform. This issues however revolves round data mismanagement amongst others.
VID will allow users create memories while using the VID app which is designed in such a way that the camera button on d app is well positioned for instant memory creation which after creation, the users will then decide if he or she wants the video to go public or not. If they want the video to be a private video, the app will save the video in the users journal which no else will have access to except the user and also the memory( video) is secured with zero knowledge encryption. Also if they want the video to go public , the app stores the video in the vibe screen till all other clips as well as soundtracks etc have been added then it uploads the videos.



I. A search button that will help users search and locate their memories ( videos) easily.
II. A hub centre that stores all memories created by users thus giving them access to their memories at any given time.
III. Security of data with blockchain technology system.

The VID's token sale is now live and to purchase , visit the website for more details:

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