Corona News for travellers and cocktails at the beach in Egypt! 🍹

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Today I uploaded the first Vlog from our travel trip to Egypt last month, in March 2020, on my Youtube channel!

I recorded this video at the beach of the Mercure Hotel Resort, after a nice scuba diving & snorkeling trip with my girlfriend Sarala. We were lucky again that we are the last people who were able to enjoy a scuba diving and snorkeling trip with the boat, because of the Corona crisis.

One day after our arrival in Egypt, Europe decided that all travellers have to come back in their countries, because of the Corona Virus Crisis worldwide, but fortunely we were able to enjoy our holidays regulary, without flying back earlier.

Watch the video for more information about the situation with Corona in Egypt and for travellers.

Here you can watch the video on Youtube:

Stay tuned for my next Vlogs!
Stay healthy everyone!

Jonas - @future24

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