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First of all, I have to say a big THANK YOU to everybody; after just one month from my first post on Steemit, I have now more than 200 followers and this is simply amazing!

Welcome to the 2nd episode of Model Railroad Mania. From Hobby Model Expo - Novegro 2018, this time a video about a layout from Gruppo Appassionati Scala TT, a group of TT (1:120) gauge fans. It is a very detailed modular layout with realistic catenary and we can see a freight train moving along the main line.

You can find episode no. 1 of this series here

Every year in Novegro, near Milan, an interesting Expo takes place at the end of September.
It is called Hobby Model Expo and this year it was the 42nd edition.
Many Italian and international expositors were in Novegro. Acme, Almrose, P.I.R.A.T.A., Lima, Rivarossi, Märklin, Os.kar, Vitrains participated, among the others.

I am the author of this video

Waoooo!!! Beautiful train! I like all!! I Like that!!

Greetings from Venezuela!!

ehehe this train is going so far! Thanks for watching it @betzy

Italy is a developed country, they use their own language, these sorts of Expo make them more creative, Milan is an another beautiful city, I never been to Italy but I had a lot of Italian friends. In Italian language, grasy seniore, means thank you sir. You have displayed the photography in your post is excellent. Thanks my friend.

@rafique, you are very kind. Thanks for your words. My country is, somehow in the group of the more developed countries but on a declining slope, unfortunately. Average age is high and children are less and less. A cathedral of antique and vintage that needs to wake up to modernity or it will be a museum forever, although a magnificent museum :)

good luck for everbody

It's like a theme park of dwarfs.Looks nice!Thanks.

ahaha it's a nice definition!

Very good post sir

thanks for commenting on my post @powerupsteem

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demaciado brutal

That is an impressive model. Its very realistic. I can see the appeal of building a model train as a hobby. It would be a very creative outlet. I bet its an expensive hobby thought.

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