Skydiving Without A Parachute

in #video5 years ago (edited)


This post was removed due to pressure from the STEEM Gestapo, and the STEEM revenue police who deemed it not up to their self-set standards and also deemed it to be getting more payout than they think it should.
The whole story is here


That's wild... and actually pretty funny.

You gotta wonder who died from a falling unused parachute landing on them thou.

Haha! That's a thought :-)

Awesome video!

This is crazy and cool people live a real life !

OMG what a n00b. I can even do that naked and without the sky...

Even though you know he's going to get caught, you still feel that thrill and fear for him.


I thought I was going to see a dead cat bounce.

My hart is pumping

Заебись !

You could not pay me enough money...or should I say steem ;p

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