How to handle the video game and study?

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How to handle the game and study?

As parents, there is always a problem with their children-----game and study.

Most of parents will forbid their kids to play games during their study day.They think the games will take up children's study time and affect their academic performance.

But I think we can do better between the game and the study with our children.

Children is still chidren,they don't have time concept, they can't control capacity. If they start to play game, they will play it for sevral hours. It is terrible......

This is the time to show parents' wisdom. There are 2 suggestions for your reference:

Suggestion A:

We must negociate with our kids to set a schedule of study and game.

for example:

  1. if you want to play game,you must finish the homework.

  2. if you play game, the time is only 30 minutes.

  3. game is forbidden after 10 p.m.

  4. you can play game on saturday or sunday. ( 1-3 hours after finish your homework)

  5. if you get good result, you can increase the time of game.

  6. if you do more excersise, you can increase the time of game,too.

Suggestion B:

We must negociate or choose the correct games for our kids.

I suggest we can choose the games which can be upgrade by cumulative number of games but not by cumulative time of games.

Also you can tell your children to play games seriously just like learning. To let them understand to do anything seriously.

Games are not floods or beasts. we need games to relax our body and our mind. The children also need it.

If we can handle the games with our wisdom.

The game will become our friends finally.
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