What people thinks about BitShares 12 September 2018

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Here you can see the latest 10 twitts about BitShares


2018-09-12 00:00:41

RT @SparkDEXdotio: Where can #stablecoins be traded? Sparkdex goes through everything traders need to know. https://t.co/iwttJN1pWR #BitSha


2018-09-11 23:35:06

@Chrisbizexchang @BitFest_Amst @DasCoinOfficial @bitshares @BitSharesDaily What have you got that ponzi scheme merc… https://t.co/iR4jJNZppV


2018-09-11 23:25:39

RT @AUTONIO_Gate: We just published "Token economics : team proposal" on @AUTONIO_Gate blog : https://t.co/kGkY0oZP6P
#AUTONIO_Gate #Autoni


2018-09-11 23:24:22

RT @_michaelx: Here is a great list of projects and DACS that use the @bitshares blockchain to power their business! @quintriccorp is on th…


2018-09-11 23:16:16

You're invited to the https://t.co/Dmfc8xXjSS platform.
For #hodlers of #Whaleshares or #bitshares or #brownie poin… https://t.co/oOft8M8vzA


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