YouTube making it harder to monetise videos

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So I received the following email today from YouTube...

Under the new eligibility requirements announced today, your YouTube channel is no longer eligible for monetisation because it does not meet the new threshold of 4,000 hours of watch time within the past 12 months and 1,000 subscribers.

Unless I meet the new requirements within 30 days, all of my videos will be de-monetised. This is going to hit small-time YouTube content creators (including me) hard.

Time to start investigating DTube...


Yas, i received same mail, but i meet the new requirements thans God! Of course i think it isnt fair, beacuse on this way those who yre "big" will keep getting "bigger" and those who just begin have a small chance...dtube is only way now hahaha :)

I need about 500 more subscribers. In the mean time, I've started moving my content across to DTube :)

If you have nice and good videos 500 subcribers will come by the time! Just keep going with dtube you will not lose anything you just can get more money hahaha

Ops! Why did they make like this eligibility requirements?? The days of YouTube’s Wild West glory days are coming to an end just to please advertisers and record labels.
I think Dtube is best but still I am not able to upload a single video on it :) Always uploading uploading and so on :(

Sorry to hear you had problems with DTube. I've started moving my videos across and was actually surprised at how simple and painless the process was. I didn't have any issues.

Today ! I am able to upload my first video after almost 2 hours hahaha

It was really confusing for me because I was using chrome. After lot of searching I find that chrome is not good for upload on dtube so try firefox and it is uploaded :)

Nice! Were you involved in the making of that video?

I wish that I can make like this :)

That's nice! you are not feeling any trouble with DTube. Which format you are using to upload and which resolution is best?? I hope that you give me better suggestions.

I'm using H264 encoded video. I've uploaded both 1080p and 2160p resolution without any issues.

That's nice to see.

I love your contributions and I support you, I hope you win as you wish, I am grateful to you for your support, my share.

Thank you for your kind words!

When I started thinking about making a small income online. YT was the first option I looked in to. I keep hearing story after story about how people who used to have a steady income and following all of a sudden get dropped and now have nothing out of nowhere. Thats why I decided on Steemit!

Hopefully DTube can do for video what Steemit did for blogging! :)

Agreed! I have a feeling it will. Steemit and Dtube are are going to disrupt the social media industry and I am glad to be on board!

I've just joined DTube, and I'm quite impressed so far. I'm going to slowly try and move all of my content across.

I will keep an eye out for your content. I think the rewards here far surpass anything they offer.

I don't usually pay attention to e-mails from youtube but after reading this I checked and sure enough, I got one of these notices too. I easily meet the hours watched but I only have about half the subscribers they want. I didn't make huge money with youtube ($20-$40 / month) but it was something. Definitely time to investigate other options. If they don't reverse this decision I'll be removing my videos from youtube as I upload them to DTube and/or whatever other alternatives I decide.

Speaking of alternatives, anybody got a list, preferably with monetization, other than DTube? I will certainly be trying DTube first. Are there currently any length limits on videos uploaded to DTube? I know there were initially but I haven't been keeping up... I've got 8 years worth of videos so this is going to take a while but after eight years I've uploaded my last video to YouTube.

DTube is definitely worth checking out. I've started testing the waters with some of my older videos and was surprised at how easy and smooth the process was!

I dnt know much about youtube, but keep trying, there is always another way.. 😉

Yep there's always another way, I've started uploading my videos to DTube now! :)

Okay friend,. i will wait for another video 😉

I just seen this i also did one on this story sorry lol

Well thank you for this heads up! It goes to show how much YouTube cares about it's creators, even Casey Neistat says in numerous of his videos that YouTube doesn't do enough to show appreciation for the YouTube creator community.

I've already got my Dtube channel up and running! Check me out!