For people invested in Bitconnect

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Ryan Lee from CryptoGrinders talking about:

A Recovery plan for those who took an equity loan and then invested in Bitconnect tokens.
I feel really bad for people who were invested and wanted to share this video with you.
It is a very serious topic that a lot of people should pay attention.

Sorry guys, I hope you will recover soon.
Think it through and move forward, you can do it.
It's only the beginning.


Oh man that's crazy taking out equity loan on their house to invest in a very crazy crypto market....

That is just insane. But people need to remember that there is a chance to make everything work again. Have to hold themselves together.

This is true with all mistakes in judgments ...I will share this post.

Ow, thank you, thank you, arigato!)

I hope you will find a way to work through it bros.

Do you know anybody who borrowed against their home to invest in bitconnect lending? Are they suicidal?

People do crazy things even when advised not to. Just visit any casino near closing time and you will see desparate people maxing out their cards for that one big final bet that will get them even, or totally break them.

Yes, I know and If this post can save one life or help someone, I'm fine with it.

Jesus you didn't have to do that (Send sbd) lol.
But thanks, I guess. If you need anything, ask anytime :d

Don't mention) You wasted your time explaining everything to me, so it's obvious for me to give something back.

You mean, oh it's a really important thing to listen? I agree!

Steemitservice (31). Exactly what did you find so nice? What’s your opinion? Should we eat bitconnect cereal for breakfast?