sallybeth23 - Reading Childrens Stories on my BRAND NEW YOUTUBE CHANNEL and featured on DTube too!

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HI there Steemit Family!

I have a brand new youtube channel called ANYTIME STORIES. I am reading childrens stories, starting with the wonderful Tales of Beatrix Potter. Please follow the link below and go check them out. Everyone who subscribes to my channel will get a 100% upvote and my greatest appreciation and respect. If you have children or know friends who do please ask them to listen in. These are classic beautiful tales celebrating animals and nature and have been enjoyed by children and adults alike for over 100 years. I myself enjoyed reading them as a young girl and am still enjoying them for others years later.

and also uploaded to Dtube. I am reading and presenting childrens stories for you and your children to enjoy listening to. Please check out and subscribe to both my youtube and dtube channels.


Great video @sallybeth23 and you have a very good channel!

Thank you very much for your kind comment and for checking out my channel 🌈

This is wonderful Sallybeth!
It is fantastically produced and you have a beautiful reading voice! I will recommend your Dtube & Youtube channels to all the parents and children I know!

Upvoted and resteemed :D

Thank you very much. I really appreciate that!

A pleasure :D

Good decision.I also 100% support you about your you tube channel.

Thank you for your support.