A look at HOW we are driving Traffic FROM Youtube TO Dtube...

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This week, I wanted to offer you a one time glance into HOW we are driving traffic from Youtube to Dtube. So just this once i am posting the kind of trailer that we put up on Youtube every week. Not only to try and give everybody a better idea but also because I am open to any questions and suggestions that you all might have!

For those of you who are interested in watching the full video, you can check it out on Dtube here::


While I also love the idea that all involved get rewards for their participation I'm also cautious about how dtube's software and hardware will be able to support massive numbers of viewers and creators. Youtube has google behind it as hardware and software, making it capable of much more than dtube could handle currently. We all know when a service goes viral on the internet it often experiences technical difficulties. While this will get addressed over time I wouldn't want dtube to crash or be damaged before it's capable of holding youtube audiences and heavy traffic. I wish you the best of luck driving traffic to our future decentralized video distribution. I'm interested to see a video on this topic. SteemOn

Nice to Steem you, @macmaniac77! Totally agree with you. As far as I know DTube relies, for its data storage capacity, on the IPFS project, one of the several existing peer-to-peer Internet infrastructures. When I posted my first DTube video yesterday I received a notification mentioning the user name of whom was seeding my video (much like what happens with BitTorrent).

The logical outcome of it is that for us to expand DTube stability and data handling the best way is to engage ourselves in the IPFS project, and seed other Steemians videos with our personal computer, or even better, setting up a dedicated node :-D

I think it would be a fantastic idea to use steem to incentivize running an ipfs node in support of dtube. Where your rewards are based on traffic your computer serves. Most home computers are off during the day when they could be earning income!

Thaaanks @world5list (and nice to Steem you! :-)). Just yesterday I've begun accompanying this migration process, by publishing on DTube the first video coming from my Ecological Social Network (that we used to post on YouTube ;-)). You can find it here: https://steemit.com/cervantes/@ijatz/1751tvb9

Keep up the good job!

This is entirely true, as censorship is getting hideously rampant. Dozens of truthers with huge followings are declaring their moves to D tube as an alternative. Thanks for this news. Peace and safety.

Lets ditch youtube and use Dtube for good

well when you have a platform that is starting to not pay their people for their accounts that they work so hard to produce then it is an easy choice to jump the fence to a place that you earn something for every single post as apposed to the youtube guise of only paying you if you get over a certain amount of likes or you get jack $hit.

Great idea - nice way of intriguing people...

excellent video dear @world5list

We are also from YT, still active there (for now) but gradually switching to DTube for good. Thank you for sharing!

Internet from Mancora Peru is too lousy to see the video. But Just wanted to congratulate and thank you for the excellent work you are doing! Down with You tube, up with D tube!

Hope you are well. -Dan

This last year ABC, CNN, NBC and all the major media networks all hopped onto YouTube and now have attempted to hog all the advertising and search algos. They already have Cable and Television all to themselves - but that wasn't enough for them ...they had to try to run over the independent small journalists / vloggers and start up investigative reporters. Why should Google/ YouTube care about the little guy if the Media networks who routinely PAY their anchors millions of dollars in salary per year (not to mention they all also get up to 30k per year from the CDC for retainers as first responder emergency outbreak reporters (yeah THAT'S not going to influence anyone's health investigative reports right?) and also paid by Three letter alphabet agencies for towing party lines through project mockingbird... So Google could care less about small time start up investigative reporters or vloggers if they have the money backing of the big 6 media outlets.