STEEM JOURNEYS - Steem Promotion on YouTube, Quality Content on Dtube!

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Hey everyone and welcome to the first episode of Steem Journeys. Sort of at least!

Why did we get rid of Steemit Sunday?
Steem Journeys is a new project started by Angelo @theywillkillyou and myself. After having run Steemit Saturday (on the TheyWillKillYou Youtube channel) and Steemit Sunday (on the World5list Youtube channel ) for a few weeks, I realized that we are not reaching enough people on W5list.

Angelo's numbers on TheyWillKillYou look really great. With 2 videos, he has been able to reach 65000(!) people. With those kinds of numbers you are bound to "convert" some viewers. The W5list numbers were lacking a little bit though, so even though the numbers on Dtube were really good for us, we decided it wasn't worth it to continue running it, because we weren't giving enough back to warrant all that support on Dtube...

Why do we think Steem Journeys is an AWESOME alternative?!
In the Steem Journeys episodes we will be interviewing whales, dolphins and minnows on the Steem platform to talk about, you guessed it, their journey on the Steem platform so far. We have already shot interviews with @offoodandart, @aggroed and @teamsteem.

Steem Journeys allows us to promote Steem to a targeted audience on YouTube, as well as putting up interesting content on Dtube. We have started a new YouTube channel called 'STEEM-Tube', on which we will publish short, carefully handpicked summaries of these interviews in which the interviewees talk enthusiastically about the Steem platform! We will then be funneling traffic from our channels by liking these videos.

To do this, we will use World5list and Theywillkillyou as well as a bunch of other sizable channels with hundreds of thousands of subscribers. The videos will be promoted to plenty of people that way, but they won't be shoved into their faces. When they click, they will have a very clear idea of what they are clicking on and it's likely their interest is already peaked before they actually watch the video. We know from experience that this is a HIGHLY effective way of promoting on YouTube!

Today's Video
Today I wanted to show you what the video that goes up on YouTube looks like. Moving forward I will only be posting the full interviews here on Dtube. The video is not yet up on YouTube because we are still working on some of the channel art. I will put it up on Youtube tomorrow, but in the meantime I wanted to give everyone a good idea of what we are doing. I will also post Anna's full interview here on Dtube tomorrow. We talked about a lot more than what you are about to see in this video!

▶️ DTube

The Steemit Ironchef winner of 2017, great pick for your interview, her food pictures are great.
Everybody who loves food just has to follow @offoodandart

Pretty good interview. I would suggest clip on mics in the future but the questions and answers was great!

Good job bro.
Let's invite everyone to actively write in Steemit

Hi, I see that you have a big DTube channel.
I upload my first Video today, please rate the movie, and give some tips :)!

Regards :)!

Awesome Post guys. Showing that success can be had on Steemit to people new or have never even heard of the platform I believe is FANTASTIC! Great Job!

That steem logo coming out of the water is amazing.

Hahahahahah fat little puppy!!!!! <3

Sounds like a great idea. Expecting the best for you and your team.