Steem Journeys Episode 4 - @allasyummyfood

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Today's Steem Journeys episode features Alla @allasyummyfood. Alla came to mind during the first Steem Journeys interview with @offoodandart. We got to talk about cashing out versus powering up and I know that Alla recently went 'Full time Steemian'. Given the price drop since, I was wondering how she was dealing with this dilemma.

Like Angelo @theywillkillyou and I, Alla has a Youtube background. She is even sneaking in on 100.00 subscribers and a plaque! Alla is really commited to the platform and excels at getting other people excited about the platform and joining, something I believe is crucial to the succes of the platform.

Reviewing the interview, I noticed I looked a bit deflated during the first part of it. I don't know why that was. It didn't feel like that when we were filming and I thought it was an interesting interview from the beginning. I also really enjoy doing these interviews, so I guess that's something I'll have to work on. I also forgot to film a proper outro. I guess that's because this was the first interview during which Angelo wasn't there to hold my hand ;).

As always I'll be putting a short version of this video on YouTube soon to promote Steem. This is the channel:
So far we have over 250 views which isn't too shabby considering we are still in the early stages!

Don't forget to check out Alla's blog Although if you are hungry then you might want to wait a while, unless you want to mentally torture yourself...

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It was really great talking to you and thank you for taking your time!! I hope these tips will help everyone :))) x

Hi @allasyummyfood! It was really nice to get to know you better through this interview!! I am really grateful to connect with a cool cat such as yourself!!! You're one heck of an ambassador!!! Good contributions girl!

I hope you're enjoying the show. 🏵🌹🌸💗🌸🌹🏵

Thanks a lot for taking the time to sit down with me! It was interesting and it's always motivating to sit down with someone who just grinds through the price swings of Steem without complaining. I hope and believe that your decision to go full time will pay off big time for you. The passion is there and you have all the right intentions! Best of all, the market is starting to show some signs of life again ;)

Wow, that's very thoughtful of you. Thank you

this is a great series ! I'll check your other videos as well :)

Thank you, the support is much appreciated!

This is awesome! Great to see @allasyummyfood featured here!