Steem Journeys Episode 3 - @teamsteem

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Hey everyone and welcome to what's already the third episode of Steem Journeys! For this edition, Angelo @theywillkillyou and myself sat down with Guillaume @teamsteem. After talking to Guillaume I decided to vote for him as a witness. Guillaume adds a lot of value to the Steem platform across the whole board. He is involved with the Minnow Support Project, which I personally find very important, and he has posted many helpful articles that when you combine them are a full blown guidebook about everything there is to know about the Steem platform as a whole.

Guillaume is selfless, helpful, approachable and I really hope he makes it in to the top 20 because you can be sure he will have the best interest of minnows, whales and dolphins at heart. The community needs driving forces like Guillaume so if you became convinced too then you can vote for Guillaume and other witnesses using this link:

As some of you might know, we always use a bit of the interview to promote Steem on Youtube. We will publish that video on Thursday because we are still busy cutting and pasting it.

To read some of Guillaume's posts (some of which he refers to in the interview) click on the links below:

Steem from A to Z:

What are Witnesses:

Bid bots link + personal witness thread:

Other posts from Guillaume that I personally thought were very interesting:

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Watched a interview of Guillaume a few weeks ago. Really liked his laid back style but I could tell the guy was serious about stuff he talked about. Steemit currently has an above average core group and guys like him only elevate its level.
Nice share, Thanks.

It's important to have a good group of people working in the community's best interest!

This makes me feel a lot better about investing my time and effort on Steem.

Thank you for this awesome interview! I've just re-steemed.

This is just cool, this is my first watching his interview and I agree in all his words.
teamsteem has been a great supporter on the growth of the Steem blockchain. To me he is one the reputable steemian that has and open mind to the success of minnows on the platform.

good stuff! happy to support and upvote.

Undervalued post! Great interview, I just caught part of it, but this guy is a team player that is for sure. This is an awesome series. Keep up the great work! -Dan

Cool nice interview

Nice interview...I luv teamsteem, always inspire me...nice post

I got to find you when I saw the Montreal meet up post, and just watched this video. Cool to hear your back story. Maybe we'll meet one day :)