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Today was the first time I had to host Evening with Golos alone. Today was also the first time I've had to host the English evening for Evening with Golos.

It was a bit hectic, while I am getting my footing, as my co-hosts kind of left me some pointers and off I am on my merry way. @anasya is riding the train to St. Petersburg to attend the Steem/Golos Meetup and blockchain party, that @on0tole organized, so it is understandable.

Today with us were @arcange, @pfunk, @dr2073 and some other Russian people that didn't pitch in much.

We talked about the economic changes, flagging and NSFW tag, that is being tested on the test version of steemit, the link would demonstrate how it works, but there is some NSFW content there, that is hidden. We also discussed some disturbing art, and that brought @binahfetish to Steemit. Anyway, I'd be glad if you watch the video, although it is probably not that good. ;-) UPDATE: Yep, it is now live on Steemit, so you don't have to go there. To toggle preferred behaviour, please check out Settings tab.

The translations happen live on Wednesdays @ 17.00 UTC (thats 12.00 EST), and I go around and do the announcements, post links and invite people, so if you'd like to participate please leave the comment, and the way it is better to contact you. Rocket chat DM? Discord? Telegram? And since I don't really have any talking agenda, any suggestions are also appreciated. This is one of the points where the communities of Steemit and Golos intersect, we usually have some of the developers there, and well, I'd like to have more participation from people.

Those translations are something quite cool. They make me think about the news channels of the TV, and how people from around the world collaborating could be made into some sort of the Internet News channel, that is all about comparing notes from different sides. Distributed TV channel is probably much harder than a centralized one (and I worked on a traditional TV channel for year hand a half, and it was fun). But that sounds cool, right?


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Thanks for doing the show, it's great to hear about what's going on in the Golos platform! :) . If you could add me to the contact list that would be great! I'm on discord under the same username. Thanks!

Come watch us live on Wednesday 28th. We should probably do something festive!