Link To a Video Clip of the RPG-Survival-Horror We're Developing

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Our current project is a traditional RPG with elements of survival-horror thrown into the mix. Which elements, you ask?
Well, your melee attacks aren't very powerful and should mostly be used for small enemies, or to finish off your standard enemies after you hit them with a few bullets. You will most commonly use guns as your main attack but, like in games like Resident Evil, ammo is scarce and best saved for when you really need it. Sometimes, it is better to just run from enemies rather than fight so you can save that ammo for the next boss fight.

That is all for today. There is a link below for our free, downloadable demo! (make sure to read the instructions below the DL button)

Thank you...

New Screenshot 19.PNG

New Screenshot 17.PNG

New Screenshot 18.PNG

(Enemies in the game display their damage as you hurt them. This is to help let the player know when to hold off on using ammo and finish the creature off with your melee attack)


Awesome! I can't wait to play it. When do you plan to release the game? When it is finished, right? LOL...

In about a year. We'll try to make it less.

It is a moot point. I probably wouldn't have the money for it anyway.

What happened? Did Covid take your jerb??

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