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Monvid is really a streaming platform that makes utilisation of blockchain technology. This technology is supposed to be a good place for both creator and buyer who is searching customized platform of video streaming.

Monvid has made the ultimate video streaming platform to tackle restriction, censorship video contents problems. By utilizing blockchain technology supported by a decentralized community network, Monvid aims to cut-pass limitations, filters, and censorship to deliver a video streaming service platform that is anything but difficult to-utilize and advert free.

The platform will give individuals the experience of viewing their most loved videos with no limitations independent of where they are. Monvid vision is to totally seek after versatile video streaming platform for maker and the shopper. With a specific end goal to do that, the Monvid stage will be based on two particular strategies, which are P2P sharing and proxy streaming.

Monvid trusts the way that cryptocurrency in the video streaming business sector will be an exceptionally immense achievement, and this is the more reason this undertaking is a standout amongst the most encouraging tasks with regards to the present and eventual fate of the world or cryptocurrency. To this end, Monvid's group has the most experienced group specialists who have a considerable measure of information in executing such application, and this, obviously, is the clearly the most basic thing Monvid depends on.


⏺️Cost Proficiency – Monvid distributed and decentralized network allows content creators to impart their resources with the community members free and the users stream these content for a lot less than what is been charged. Unlike the centralized platform that is around now where users have to pay a subscription fee and usually don’t have any say in how much they pay. With Monvid, content creators control the costs of their videos themselves and the community members’ reward and rate them based on the quality.

⏺️Encrypted data transfer – information exchange on the Monvid stage are encoded and untraceable giving additional security to clients and content makers.

⏺️Responsibility of content by the producers – on the Monvid platform, the content maker has sole responsibility for content. They have the ability to control it and cost it the manner in which they need, not at all like the traditional online video streaming platform where the content maker does not have any control over their content after it has been transferred in the platform.

⏺️No Advertisements – Monvid intend to give its watchers the capacities to stream videos online on the platform with no commercials cutting in or upsetting the entire experience.

⏺️Privacy – the blockchain technology which Monvid depends on will guarantee that each content maker and client's personal information is safe and secured. Its decentralized nature guarantees that there are no any focal servers or organizations that control anything on the platform, which implies data is put away just on the blockchain and are generally encoded.


Token Name:
MVID is a Token name that will be traded on the public market.

Price Token:
MVID fixed price during Primary Sales ICO is set from $ 0.05 to $ 0.10.

You can earn additional Bonus during major sales. The bonus rate varies and starts from 30% from the first day of sale.

Pre-Sale is complete and Soft-Cap is reached. ICO Primary Sales starts from June 1 and ends on 31 August.

Soft- and Hard-Cap:
Soft-Cap is $ 500,000 that has been reached and Hard-Cap is $ 5,000,000 for the Entire Pre and Main Sales.

Max Total Supply:
The total supply will be determined after ICO is completed, however, in our sole discretion we are only allowed to produce 200M MVID but only sell 70% of it during the sale.





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Author : Equal2detask

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This projects tend to be a game changer in the movie industry. i would tend to look into the whitepaper

Amazing platform i think its futuristic

So many projects are waking up to the possibilities on the blockchain technology. This is one of such unique ideas.

You can say that again

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