Lunar New Year decorations on the beach in Da Nang

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I'm a big fan of amateur artwork and most especially street art that is done well and with permission. I hate vandalism on the other hand. While what I am about to show you isn't exactly either one of these things they were definitely done by talented individuals and they certainly had permission since it is on display in a public area almost certainly sanctioned by the government.


So before I moved to Da Nang, Vietnam, I had never seen the kind of boats that these art pieces are all painted on. I don't really understand the advantage of using a round boat but there must be some reasoning behind it. If i was at the helm I think I would probably just end up going around in circles like a madman and I eventually get swept out to sea with no possibility of return without rescue.

They do seem to make fantastic canvasses though.


Ok so maybe the artists aren't exactly world class but it is certainly better than I would be able to do, that's for sure. I am an admirer of art. However it is one of the many skills that I never developed in my life.


This one looks slightly better than the first one IMO and I really like the work they did with the shadows in the water.


Is this a depiction of a family making a traditional new year dinner of some sort? I have no idea. I hate to admit it but I have put very little effort into learning much about the culture since I have been here.


This one is probably my favorite of the lot and the only thing I can guess as far as the significance of it is concerned is that this location is quite near a place that is referred to in English and "Monkey Mountain" due to the obvious presence of lots of monkeys on said mountain. The detail on the flowers is pretty great. Not so sure about dude's mushroom head, but whatever. It is a lot better than anything I can do.

I am actually kind of surprised that none of these have blown away seeing as how they are hollow on the other side, they face the beach, and this beach is regularly quite windy. They must be anchored down in some capacity. I don't know. Maybe I'll check next time.

If you have any art installations in your area I wouldn't mind having a look at them. Point me towards it if you do!

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