Tourism starting to pick up here

in #vietnamlast month

The borders are still closed for the most part but the government has started encouraging the Vietnamese people to travel inside the country and especially on the weekends. Of course this is going to dramatically impact primarily beach places and that is exactly where I live. Yesterday, myself and some friends went and had a get-together / picnic of sorts down on the beach and there were actually some crowds around - which is good


It's good to see a bit of activity down there and as the sun goes down even more Vietnamese people started turning up. It might be strange to those of us from the west but Vietnamese people, and really a vast majority of Asians, are not sun worshippers at all and avoid getting a tan like they avoid the plague.


But once duck hits they flock to the beach en masse and it is good to see this. I know that the entire country is hurting financially because of Covid but areas like the one I live in are almost completely reliant upon tourism for employment and therefore income. A vast majority of the businesses have shut, some permanently in the past year and unfortunately, most of the permanent closures have been small businesses. The amount of tiny restaurants, noodle shops, souvenir shops, small bars, and independent minimarts that have shut is astronomical and almost complete.

The part of town that was known as Korea-town and where the Korean tourists tended to gravitate towards is almost completely out of business. It is a bit eerie to ride your bicycle there because there is no one around and everything is for rent now. It just goes to show how just one season of no tourism in a country that does not have the resources to financially prop up the community can be so devastating.

We aren't out of the woods yet, not by a long shot but it is nice to see some levels of activity down at the beach and therefore the beachfront hotels as well.