See you at SteemFest²

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The Viewly core team will be attending this year's SteemFest.
Feel free to come and talk to us.

2017-10-05 00.09.32.jpg

P.S: I will also be at the hackaton, although I have no project plans as of yet.


Hello @furion. I just love your steemdata site. Could you pls update the data base? It seems to have stopped updating 2 weeks ago.
Thank you in advance


whos da boss here ? :)

where are you sir ? I NEED you :)) @furion

Wish I could have been there too @Furion - you guys have a wonderful time in Portugal !!

Me too - @starkerz will also be speaking at the conference. We'll have to plan for the next one @leelektrik

Wow, that's a great news. Lot many awesome steem bloggers and developers are joining steemfest.

That will be a great collaboration. And with Viewly team it will really be a great fun.

Hope you guys enjoy yourself. :)

Wellcome to Lisbon.
I'll be pleased to meet you personally.
Have a good trip

We are here! :) We are students and we are not as luxurious as you are. But we can count on it fast. :) @furion

Wish you all a great time 🤗 you guys deserve it, it is also a good opportunity to connect to others.

Have fun my friend!

Really!! I will come!!!!!!!!!

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got my but won't be there.
do have yourself a great time.

Wow nice laptop

You guys are awesome ... Amazing... Keep it is Steemfest 2 in Lisboa coming on...

Yoga Looks Good @furion


It was nice to meet you at Steemfest @furion ! Will explore a bit viewly now... :D

Thanks for sharing

Hey Bud, Just wanted to stop in and say hi. I see you don't post much but I know your busy creating important works.
If you ever want to talk let me know. We had a pretty intense exchange at SteemFest and I appreciate that you were open to the journey. I am sure you will do some great things and if I can help you let me know.

Best Regards~*~

Hi. Just wanted to let you know that downloading a graph on steemdata jsut gives you a blank .png without the graph data.

Thanks a lot @furion, like your last big berartii for me, @rezaleoni.

Thanks a lot it, your ideas are also very inspiring for me.

Once again thank you.

I'd love to be there. Hope you guys have fun and network well.

voted witnesses! @furion , hopefully upload to the first place! I would appreciate your vote in my participation in openmic week 66, thank you very much!

Wish I could see you there.

But I just can't get the time off. Have some fun, for my sake.

we all want to be there hope you enjoy buuddies
and happy new year

This is good friend, I am very happy to follow you here