Viewly Alpha is down for maintanance

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Unfortunately, the hosting provider we used for Viewly Alpha has failed us. None of the videos were lost, as they are distributed on multiple p2p nodes worldwide.

This downtime is an opportunity for us to re-design our stack for a distributed deployment on a global scale.

Please feel free to join our telegram group for updates.



It's Alpha, @furion. We understand. Keep working at it and you'll have a product that we all use and love, before long. Thank you so much for the constant updates.

Thank you for the update @furion

As a long time YouTuber, I am watching this with excitement.

Sorry about the little hiccup, I know yall will get over it and I look forward to trying this out!!


Thank you so much for the constant updates.thank for your info @furion thats great : i like your work

as they say, "Rome was not built in a day." Hoping all will be good one day, and I can be very patient for a great product.

No good news. Reliability is often a problem. Hard to find a good partner.

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Glad you have found out early about the hosting provider, i am very sure that the team of Viewly will come back strongly....

thank for your info @furion thats great :D

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Thanks for the update! I know you'll find a solution that's even better. :) I absolutely respect the develop you are doing within Steem. Thank you for all you do!

@furion please what is Viewly about?

thanks for the info

So videos cant be played right now?... I was curious about something, once i crossupload a video from youtube, i can delete the youtube video and it should keep up in viewly?... I am hoping to use viewly as my main video platform, hope you can overcome and fix all problems...

Shitty when that happens, hope you find something more reliable.

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?I hope your days are fun.

no, dear spammer, they are definitely not fun.

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No problem bro as long as videos are safe.

Hope you'll resolve the issue soon.

Just hats off to your hard work. :)

Hope I can start my podcast in viewly soon. :)

You are doing great work for steemit. I as well as whole indian community supports you.

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Soon it works and we all are happy :)
I hope your day is good, Here is very cloudy today and soon the rain begins. :)

I hope you will provide an update when its up again ?

Glad to hear you had everything backed up well enough to avoid losing any videos. Looking forward to the Viewly re-launch...

Sharing to let folks know, Thank You @furion.

Had issues with my post as of alpha not working but I played with links and now my post works with video (in post and on viewly) @furion.

You need to pay me for playing with links to make sure this video works now in the post and via the link! I had to replace the alpha links with the upload ones to that:

EDIT: - I changed in Markdown both links to the below and NOW it PLAYS lol!

Yeah - played around with this link: - now it plays fine.

I want to join your telegram group, maybe in this group I can get new experience. I still say beginner in steemit, may I be given suggestions to be able to produce interesting works and can help me in living my family. can you post my resteem?

it's alpha thank you so much for this new updates and this new awesome to watch this post on steemit

Great @furion keep working and thanks for your

Hi @furion. I came here to let you know that there seems to be missing data in some of the graphs in your awesome page. Mainly Daily Transactions and SBD to STEEM conversions graphs.

But then I stumbled across this Viewly. I'm an animator and have been looking to upload my work in places other than You Tube so I will be keeping an eye on this closely. I tried to upload just now and it said failed. But this was before I read this post. I hope you have success getting it up and running again as I'd love to use it especially as you can embed the video into a Steemit post..

Seeing copyright material on the new Dtube platform has concerned some people. So I thing upload limits of 100mb on this is a good idea for now. I think video length limits would also be a good idea also. Maybe to 5 - 10 mins max. This would stop people from uploading program episodes etc.

Keep up the good work.

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