[ANN] Vimm Status Update - Live Q&A Recap

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@ForeverAverage and @Chiren just finished hosting an impromptu update live stream as well as a Q&A session on Vimm.tv in light of the recent events that caused an explosive increase in the number of users.

In case you couldn't catch it live, here's a recap of the topics we discussed;

Will Vimm migrate to another blockchain?

Let's just start by saying that we're never going to leave Steem. The reason we chose to go with Steem as the first method of monetization on Vimm is because it is the best option out there, it's that simple.

While we do look forward to implementing other options for payments and monetization, Steem is what allows us to reward the people who work hard to create high quality content. On top of that, it's also the blockchain that has the biggest potential to create a thriving economy around content creation.

TL;DR no.

What happens when you upvote

The current rewards distribution is explained in a recent post by @chiren LINK. Please note that this is what is currently in place, but a different distribution will be implemented as soon as the curent payout round is over. (Oct 11th)

More details about the new rewards distribution will be released in the coming days.

Rewarding quality content with Steem

As we've discussed during the live stream, Steem is a great tool for rewarding the people who work hard to bring high quality content on Vimm. Thanks to all the generous delegations, we're able to reward the most dedicated creators with upvote.

It's really important however that we look at the right metrics when distributing upvotes, as this is how we're going to get something that's as fair as possible.

By combining the power of the Steem blockchain with Vimm's Channel Score algorithm (see leaderboard) we hope to help the most dedicated creators grow and achieve their goals.

Vimm is a live streaming platform

It's important to remember that Vimm is a platform that focuses entirely on live content. Our mission is to deliver the best live streaming experience possible.

To achieve this, we need to be very efficient using the limited resources that we have to position ourselves as a strong competitor in the live streaming sphere.

This is why we chose not to waste our valuable resources on features we wouldn't be able to fully deliver on.

TL;DR Instead of trying to do a lot of things on a mediocre level, we're focusing on making Vimm the best place to broadcast/watch live streams.

Community events and the road ahead of us

By its nature, live streaming is largely driven by the communities that gravitate around it.

By organizing different types of events on a regular basis, we hope to reinforce the feeling of community on Vimm. Our next event is taking place on the 6th of October. Check raid.vimm.tv for details.

The idea is to encourage engagement on the platform by offering incentives to both viewers and streamers in the form of prizes.

We're also open to working with partners to organize tournaments, giveaways, and any sort of live event you can come up with. If you're interested in bringing your event to Vimm.tv, don't hesitate to contact us! (Link to discord in footer)


Q&A Highlights

Q: Do you plan on making Vimm open source?
A: The back end for Vimm will not be open source. However we do plan to release an API for developers.


Q: How big is the delay (latency) on Vimm live streams?
A: Usually between 15 - 30 seconds.


Q: Any chance we might get to the possibility of doing a 0 second delay streams?
A: 0 second is technically impossible. However reducing the latency is high on our priorities list.


Q: will there be a way to mute chat people that get out of hand?
A: Our next update is heavily focused on improving the chat. The ability to mute guests and ban chatters will be implemented in that update.


Q: Do we have obs chat tools for on stream display information? or will that be a thing soon?
A: We will be releasing a chat overlay widget for OBS to replace the one currently provided by dunite.tools. Keep an eye on the widgets section of your dashboard, that's where you'll find those when they're up.

As usual, don't hesitate to share your honest opinions. We're listening to your feedback to build something that you can enjoy using.

Thank you for supporting the project!

Get in touch!

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Support @vimm on Fundition!


You have Chibera's full support!

Thank you for supporting the project!

Lets make Vimm the greatest platform in the world! I already invited polish streamers to Vimm. Lets show to dSHIT who is king.

Thank you for spreading the word!

Lets do this man :)

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After a shock yesterday, I am glad that @vimm will get deserved attention now.

My experience with the platform is great, but more important, @foreveraverage and @chiren are people who I can trust 100%. They are simply geniune and I know they want nothing but the best for STEEM Blockchain and their users.

I am literally expecting @ned to come by himself and delegate SP to a thrustworthy people of Vimm. This is the opportunity to show why STEEM and its community is great.

STEEM ON, Mr. Spacely!

Again thank you so much for the support @whack.science! You're doing a great job with your curation show and we're glad to have you on the curation team <3

yep ;] time to vimm ;]

Thanks to everyone that watched the stream and is testing out www.vimm.tv I hope we were able to answer most of the questions you guys had. Make sure to check out our Discord channel: https://discord.gg/Vc24UXD if you have any other questions. The team and community will gladly help you

Hey, guys!

Streamed the first time with you today! Was pretty easy... I had no issues... Well, 😏 I somehow didn't have my discord folks running through OBS, so that musta been awkward.

But on your end: fabulous! 😍

Thanks for popping by and saying, "hello!" See ya next time. 😘

Hi @carrieallen!

Thank you for giving Vimm a try :) It was a fun stream even with the awkward audio situation 😂

Looking forward to hear your feedback on how we can improve the platform. If there's anything, don't hesitate to contact us on our discord

Guess one of us had to try it out first. :D I am up to bat next. Gunna try and get it going this week, but may have to put it off til next week as I am getting slaughtered with a crapload right now. But looking forward to the trial run!

Only heard about you guys last night. So I'll share this and try and help spread the word also.

I plan to streem the steem monsters poker game in about 19 hours.. So I'm excited to pop over and start checking it out today, will give you feed back after testing it out.

@vimm do you have a discord channel?

Sure :) Here's the link

Thank you for trying out Vimm.tv!

Hope you won't GTFO from Steem like DLive :P
Anyway... Gonna test the quality soon. Don't think I can get ass many viewers as I usually do on twitch (average 200~600 and max over 1200) or YouTube (average 600~1000 max over 1600) but still ;)
As for chat and other notifications including TTS check out my man @zygibo who made awesome work including blochchain chat and off-chain "dlive" chat
Check his project I am using it all the time (mostly TTS)

Vimm has instant account registration so there's no reason you couldn't get large numbers. The only reason you need a Steem account is if you want to use Steem specific features like payed upvotes and broadcasting your stream across the Steem ecosystem to all your followers there. Gotta love that one account across all dapps thing. :) Something that will be missing from DLive going forward, you have to start building up your following from scratch again.

At least that's how I understand vimm. Haven't tried to do anything without my Steem account myself though.

I upvoted your post.

Mabuhay, keep steeming.

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I think, maybe one year and vimm will be the best platform to stream and maybe to add movies in the future:)

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Na dann freue ich mich doch aufs streamen über Vimm. Eine App wäre noch nice. Die Einstellmöglichkeiten im Dashboard fand ich bei euch schon immer besser als bei Dlive. Jetzt dürftet ihr ja einen ordentlichen Ansturm an neuen Usern haben. Macht was daraus.

Everything has been solid so far, and your engagement and support via discord has been top notch.

Thank you!

I'll be keeping my eye on things here. These coming days will be...

...very interesting.

TL;DR no.

LOL the burning question.

I was on stream and thank you again for response for this important topics. I think contact with community and transparency will grant you with only better future :)

can we use your services on mobile???

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I'm happy that the departure of @dlive is benefiting your company @vimm and I wish you guys much success!

Congratulations @vimm!
You raised your level and are now a Minnow!

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So what do I need to do to stream from my phone like facebook live does?

Thank you @vimm and @chiren for your service existence. You saved some human souls from total distraction recently. I am glad I am with you from the beginning. Will stay with you for the next 12 years.

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Great timing for you guys with this whole dlive bullshit. I hope you guys capitalize, you have my support

Well, we're definitely interested in the community of Vimm. And the fact that you listen to users' requests, such as latency, chat overlays, storage, and rewards, is a big bonus. But I'm happy to have found a place that honors the steem blockchain, for starters, and is doing its best to develop an API for other developers who want to improve its usability.

I'm very impressed with @vimm at the moment! Glad to see we still have a great platform for live streaming here on Steemit! Re-steemed, and everyone watch out for a really big live streaming show that myself and some other Steemians are planning for @vimm :)

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