The Cali Show (Sept. 25th) Dlive24Hour + DC3 + Dunite

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The Cali Show (Sept. 25th) Dlive24Hour + DC3 + Dunite

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Click here to watch the live stream!

Hello there Peoples!
Come join the stream tonight as we stream for the first time to Vimm.TV
Make sure to let me know if you have any issues and any feed back you have for this platform.

<<<<<<<< INFO >>>>>>>>

I livestream daily, from Midnight-5am+ PST (7am-Noon+ GMT).
On the 10th, 20th, 30th of every month we do a giveaway with the winners announced on the 5th, 15th, and 25th.
There are now sound effects that can be played in chat. Just type in one or all of the following words:
GOWKratos, MarioCoin, CartoonPow, DuckKwa, CatMeow, DukeNukenRip, TerminatorBack, SoulsDie, SadMusic, SadTromb, BadJoke
My Setup
Xbox1 + HyperX Cloudcore Headset + CAD U37 Mic + Roxio Game Cap HD Pro + Shitty PC + OBS Studio + Cali Smoke
Important Links
Derp Merchandise
My Steemit
My Dlive
My Twitter
My Facebook
Decentralized Console Content Creator Discord
DUnite Discord
DLive24Hour Discord
DLive Discord
My Spotify
Chat and Up-Vote reader
Pop-out chat (embedded in stream)

Game Collection
If you would like to see me stream a specific game, let me know in the comments below

GTA V * World of Tanks * Elite: Dangerous * No Man’s Sky * Red Dead Redemption * Minecraft * Astroneer * Far Cry 5 * Kingdom Come Deliverance * Armored Warfare * theHunter: Call of the Wild * Cities Skylines * DiRT Rally * Dying Light * The Long Dark * We Happy Few * Deep Rock Galactic * Call of Juarez: Gunslinger *

Follow VimmTV (@vimm) for frequent updates, contests and giveaways for our early adopters!


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