[DTube] GMS #3 - Is STEEM undervalued? - [Mon - Fri | 10am EST]

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Mon - Fri 10am EST

Good Morning Steem is a daily morning live stream. We cover recent stories in the steem community and other topics of interest. We also do our daily curation for @dunite and give a few shoutouts to up and coming creators. We'll also talk about some of the biggest movers in the market today on coinmarketcap.com.



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Keep up the good work brotha

Thanks for the suport broski! <3

One thing that really struck me is the difference in the number of transactions and the market cap. It's weird that steem is not getting more attention than it is.

I think the lack of exposure is probably due to the fact that a lot of the bigger exchanges aren't listing steem yet. As I said during the podcast, as the trading volume increases and more people have access to actually buying and selling it, we should see an increase in its value. But again we don't know if or when that's going to happen.

Steem is soooooo undervalued! The idea behind it give it the potential to go really high.. I hope and believe it will go up soon!

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