STEEM Gaming, DrugWars, Steem-Bet and My first Vimm Broadcast

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Trying out for the first time while playing DrugWars, Steembet and STEEM games.

How to find quality targets on DrugWars?

Looking for dormant or faucet accounts is not only a waste of time but it's just lame.

Look for the players who are generating a lot more drugs than weapons and alcohol instead. Crush their armies for more FUTURE tokens.

(Yes, I know.. like everyone else, I'm hoping for FUTURE tokens to be valued correctly)

Play DrugWars

Mining SBT Div Tokens on SteemBet

Let's see how my 88s and 94/95 PoB mining techniques can hold up to SteemBets (txhash related) randomizer.

Play Steem-Bet

Disclaimer: Although far less risky than betting, Proof of Bet (PoB) mining for div tokens is still considered gambling and should be approached with discipline. My opinions should not be taken as financial advice.

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