[PL/ENG] 🎮 CSGO & Mapple Story 2

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[PL/ENG] 🎮 CSGO & Mapple Story 2

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Sub-category: CSGO & Mapple Story 2

Click here to watch the live stream!

On the broadcast, we usually speak Polish, but if you write something in English there will be no problem. If you have a question. Just ask bro!

Check our declaration of witness (witness thread)

Vote for @ignis-witness


To vote for us, use the above link, and go to the bottom of the page, and enter our name ignis-witness into the box and click VOTE:


Thanks for reading, giving us your support, you will not be forgotten!!

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I have already voted for you.
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Hello @steemexpress I will check out your project soon. And u did something wrong because I dont see your vote on @ignis-witness

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