Thank You for supporting! 🤝🥂 (December 2018 Recap)

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An enormous THANK YOU to each and every one of you who has or is currently supporting the project!

Every month we put out a blog post to showcase the generosity of the community. This generosity is what allows the project to move forward and keep growing to offer better, more reliable services to our users.

Going into 2019, the @vimm team is working hard to continue to bring innovation to the platform and improve the user experience across the board on

SP Delegations

If you’d like to get a small kick back every month while supporting, you can delegate SP to @vimm and receive your share of the curation rewards based on the size of your delegation. Your delegations allow us to do a few things;

  • Give more frequent/bigger upvotes to high quality channels
  • Facilitate onboarding by creating Steem accounts for new users
Top 20 Delegations for December 2018
5,028.515 SP@therealwolf
4,022.478 SP@lukestokes.mhth
3,013.149 SP@arsenal49
2,487.833 SP@decuration
1,005.700 SP@protegeaa
1,002.294 SP@jiujitsu
851.770 SP@foreveraverage
501.397 SP@enginewitty
501.176 SP@alvinauh
501.082 SP@thebluewin
501.061 SP@criminalacorm
501.031 SP@patrickulrich
401.739 SP@veganroma
351.355 SP@chiren
333.793 SP@runicar
251.284 SP@calimeatwagon
200.919 SP@preparedwombat
101.135 SP@cyberdemon531
100.568 SP@bembelmaniac
100.566 SP@lintenhinks

Quick Delegation Links
25 SP | 50 SP | 100 SP | 250 SP | 500 SP | 1000 SP | 2500 SP

Project Backers/Supporters

Do you want to support Vimm even more? Go above and beyond by donating to our Fundition campaign Your donations will help us fund our servers, give back to our streamers, and make the site even better than it is. Every little bit helps, even if it’s just a few bucks. Together, we can make an amazing Vimm!

The @vimm team would like to take this opportunity to thank @fundition for supporting the project since its creation as well as everyone who is showing support by upvoting @vimm posts and letting the world know about

Back on


We at @vimm believe that a healthy community based economy starts with lower fees and fair distribution of opportunities. We are committed to providing streamers with competitive pricing that allows them to keep more of the revenue generated by the content they create.

User-to-user transaction (STEEM/SBD tips) are feeless, thanks to the Steem blockchain. The only fee that streamers pay is the 12%¹ beneficiary fee on posts made from

¹By default, this is set to 12% for new streamers but can be lowered by reaching milestones or backing the project on Fundition.

It is possible to increase your contribution to the project by going to the “Contribute” tab of your “Settings” page and using the slider to increase your beneficiary fee as a form of support for the project.

– The Vimm Team

Get in touch!

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Support @vimm on Fundition!


Is it a new live stream platform on steem blockchain ? Any details on how its going to work ?

Vimm.TV is a live streaming platform that uses Steem and blockchain technology to improve accessibility, networking and monetization.

The platform has been in open ALPHA since June 2018.

If you're interested in learning more about Vimm.TV and upcoming updates, you can read about the project on our Fundition page.

Thank you for showing interest in the project!

Happy to support this man, well worth seeing the chain used for great things!

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