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Hello Steemians, upon signing up for Coinbase, I was prompted to verify my identity by uploading pictures of one of my IDs. I uploaded pictures of my drivers' license, which incidentally is a Hawaiian license. I no longer live in Hawaii, I now live in Virginia. I hold no residency there. Coinbase does not do business with Hawaii, and so they SHUT DOWN my account simply because my license was registered in Hawaii. They did not ask me if I lived there, or for me to give proof of address that I did not live in Hawaii. Coinbase shut down all other accounts I attempted to make. This is unprofessional and simply bad business practice. They shut my roomate's account for something similar. With little or no customer support, Coinbase is getting rid of their customers for "violating their code", even though they did not. Doing the opposite of this is what makes CHICK-FIL-A such a great company. Their customer service is unparalleled, and their love for their customers is clearly seen throughout their business practices. Coinbase needs to step it up, otherwise in this all new fast moving world of Crypto, they will be left behind.


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