Why The Corona-Virus Probably Doesn't Exist | 1/3 - An Outdated Model Of Medicine (feat. Virologist Dr. Stefan Lanka)

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Look there's another virus in the news! Anybody feel déja-vue? Haven't we been here before? And how can I even compare the suddenly notorious "Corona-Virus" to any of the near-pandemics of past years like bird-flue, swine-flu, pox and BSE - just like that?

Because just like with the ones we already endured successfully without dying there might be nothing more to this recent virus-scare than an overblown fairytale for grownups so large and deep-seated that none of us even dare to check the medicine-paradigm of our age for its validity... Because we're simply too far gone to even consider it might even be possible to be completely based on foundations of sand... And faith.


How DARE you?

Well, for a while I have been waiting to reintroduce the work of Mr. Stefan Lanka to readers of my blog because the original post is now a good two years old and considering the subject manner there is way too little discussion on it. So this recent "Corona" hype is the perfect opportunity to revive this mostly overlooked man and what he claims.

You see, Mr. Lanka is a virologist and discoverer of the first megavirus found in the oceans. For decades the man has studied and experimented on viruses and biologic matter, undergone studies and published his own research until eventually he got the hint by a few colleagues that something about this whole virus-theory isn't quite correct.

He studied it meticulously until he discovered - to his own amazement - that the factual basis for the alleged existence of a "pathogenic virus" simply doesn't exist.

As he himself puts it in one of his lectures and I paraphrase loosely here:

"After I reached my conclusion I thought I must have made a mistake somewhere so I did not dare to go public with these findings for over half a year. I went back and double-checked again and again, did my own experiments in the laboratory with my team and eventually reached certainty that what we as society think we know and are taught about biology, pathogens and viruses, about our so-called immune-system and the alleged need for vaccinations is based on a completely flawed and outdated model of medicine that just does not exist anywhere in reality. It's an archaic collection of notions regarding attack and defense, a separation interpretation on the mechanics of nature that simply doesn't hold up factually when you dare to study the cited "evidence" for it. "School medicine" got it all wrong precisely because it purports organisms and their smallest aspects to work on a competition-based model where really all that nature knows and does is entirely based on symbiosis. On interrelations rather than adversities."


Needless to say statements like this will make half the population foam from their mouths (sorry for the pun, lol) because nothing seems so thoroughly successful like modern medicine to most people. But as Lanka points out, modern medicine or "school medicine" as he calls it is so prestigous and well-regarded solely thanks to the fields of emergency-medicine and surgery. Everything else literally fails more than any other field ever could get away with. More people are sicker than ever, there seem to be a million explanations for the cause of cancer and the chronic conditions only civilized societies suffer from and the pharma industry seems as powerful as ever, disregarding the fact that thousands (maybe millions) of people die regularly due to the primitive attempts to cure the body with a materialistic approach - be it chemotherapy, vaccinations or pharmaceuticals with dangerous or even fatal side effects.

I could and should write much more on Lanka's work as it's a lot of research and citations to go through but that would completely go too far here.

What I would like to do instead is to come back to the publicity stunt Mr. Lanka has prepared in order to put his money where his mouth is and to prove that the whole of Western medicine is based on nothing but a fairytale we haphazardly swallowed.

A pretty bold freakin' claim don't you think?

I at least thought so when I first heard that statement - (is the man insane?)... but I can tell you I was all the more surprised when I found out what he did to disprove the entire model that Western medicine is resting on and what happened when the public got wind ofhis claims. Reserve judgment til you heard the entire story ;)

More on that in part 2 of this miniseries <3


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Thanks for stopping by <3


Why are people dying?

Coronaviruses do exist. Spreading misinformation is as dangerous as viruses.

You have asserted that the medical paradigm becomes obsolete daily, which is true for scientific knowledge.

You make a valid point. Now I will have to do my research about dr Lanka but in the meanwhile - do you think it could have anything to do with 5G and nanobots? Wuhan was the first big city in China that had 5G power grid installed. I don't remember where but I read about it somewhere.

Waiting for your 2nd part.

ps. I also created a blog post about corona.

Well, I am half freaking out about imminent trip to India UK Europe via BKK now and half totally sceptical about whole malarkey.. Packed face mask anyway..

Over the past decade i have realized how much more problematic modern "healthcare" is than traditional medicine (like foods and herbs) are. I had a ton of medical problems after I got out of the military and at one point the VA doctors had me prescribed to 13 medications and I was only 27 years old at the time! NowI'm 37, I take ZERO medicines and have never been healthier in my life! What other proof does one need, right?

Really enjoyed this article, I can't wait for the rest of the parts to come out.

Hope your Nomad journey is going well brother. Take Care.


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