The new virus in China is also terrible in symptoms, find out the symptoms

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World 6 continues to fight the coronavirus epidemic The number of victims has already exceeded one crore. About 5 lakh people have died. Meanwhile, scientists have identified a new flu virus. This new virus has been found in China. Like the corona, it is likely to spread in the form of an epidemic, scientists said.

Scientists say the newly identified virus carries pigs. People are more likely to be infected. The new flu virus has been named G4EAH1N1. It can cause growth and spread in the human respiratory tract. People working in pigs and slaughterhouses in China have been diagnosed with the virus. Vaccines currently available on the market do not provide protection against the virus.
What are the symptoms of the virus?


Researchers say the virus belongs to the influenza family There is a genetic material called G4 genotype The virus has been spreading in pigs since 2016 Like the corona, the G4 virus infects the airways The infection started spreading quickly Symptoms of the virus include sneezing, shortness of breath, asthma, cough, and sudden loss of body weight.

Scientists say that sadly, the human body does not have any resistance to the G4 virus, Therefore, he is advising the health institutions to keep a close watch on the situation There is no hard immunity against it yet
G4 positive was found in the blood of 10.4 percent of the people working in the swine industry. The study found that participants between the ages of 18 and 35 had a positive rate of the virus in their blood at about 20 percent. This indicates that G4 strain has increased human infectivity.

Research says that this virus is deadly This virus can cause epidemics in the future Infections can spread, especially from those who eat pork or pork The virus can infect humans from pigs to death


The new flu virus found in China is linked to the 2009 swine flu outbreak in Mexico. So far it has not posed any major threat. But Professor Qin-Cho Chang and his colleagues at the University of Nottingham in the United Kingdom, who have studied the virus, say it needs to be monitored.

Professor Qin-Cho Chang said, ‘Right now we are scattered with coronavirus and that is correct. But we must not lose sight of the potential dangers of the new virus, "he said, adding that the new virus is not a problem right now." We should not ignore it in any way, "he said.

Many call 2020 the year of viruses and epidemics Therefore, the researchers think that the G4 virus should be aware of the lessons learned from COVID-19.

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