Eating cookies soaked in liquid Nitrogen (-196 C)

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Eating cookies soaked in liquid Nitrogen (-196 C)

So after hearing about a place in Shanghai that serves cups full of cookies in liquid nitrogen (yep you heard that right the stuff that kills bad guys in movies!) I had to go and try it. Its a little scary the first cookie that you eat, but once that is over and done with its a very fun experience. I would definitely go again.

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Wow, no idea this was possible without dire consequences! That's crazy and super cool.

Yeah me neither until recently lol, yeah it’s a fun thing to do if you’re ever in Shanghai 😀

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Holy... man, that was crazy haha, If someone had of told me that that was a thing, I wouldn't have believed them. I could imagine all the stuatory OH&H BS that would rain down on any vendor trying that here in Australia haha. I visited Shanghai in the mid 80s when i was in the navy, it certainly has changed sine then :)

lol yeah it just would never happen outside of China, and yeah I didn't think it was a thing kinda why I had to try it :-)

NO WAY :DD this is way too cool 🍨 I liked the part where you had to shake off the fluffy cloud hha, hope you enjoyed your trip and have a wonderful day, GREETINGS TO YOU!

Yeah that was my thoughts too! Thanks :-) you too

hha awesome!

  • :DD

What brave new food adventure, that has such cookies in it!

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That's crazy! Isn't it a health hazard? lol Looks super cool though.

Yeah it’s mad, they show you how to do it properly when they are preparing it so you don’t hurt yourself

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It would make an interesting addition to your cooking 😀😀😀

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That is so seriously awesome! Thanks so much for sharing.
Smoking cookies, who would've thought?!

Yeah it surprised me too! 😃

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@alexabsolute Is this a new thing that is just coming out or has it been around for a while? I'd like to try it one day but nowhere around where I live has anything like this!

no it's a new thing, not sure it would be allowed anywhere other than China due to health and safety.

@alexabsolute Ok! Thanks for that. If I am ever in China, I want to try this because it sounds pleasant on a hot summer's day like we are having now in the States!

It would be indeed, if you come here I'll take you to see

@alexabsolute That sounds like a deal! But it may be a long time before I could ever make it to China!

Wow .. Amazing ..
I have never tried that food ,, I was curious about the taste ...
But at first glance I see it is very cool and unique ...

Yeah it’s pretty cool hey. Highly recommend it if you’re ever in Shanghai

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I want to go to Shanghai to try that food ,,,
Hopefully quickly achieved this little dream ...

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Awesome thanks 😀

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