HOTEL TOUR of the Mercure Hurghada Hotel in Egypt - Part 1!

in #vloglast year

Hey dear Steemians,

today I uploaded the next Vlog of our travel trip to Egypt last month, in March 2020, on my Youtube channel!

It´s the first part of my Hotel Tour Vlogs and in this video Im showing you the way from our hotel room to the beach.

The Mercure Hurghada is a very beautiful Hotel Resort and we love that it´s not like the huge five star Hotel Resorts, where all rooms are in one big building.

The rooms of the Mercure Hurghada Hotel are seperated in many small houses and they are surrounded by a beautiful garden area with palm trees and other plants.

All rooms are very close to the beach, where is also the main swimming pool and the restaurants of the hotel.

Here you can watch the video on Youtube:

Enjoy the video and stay tuned for the Vlogs!
Stay healthy and greetings!

Jonas - @future24

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