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This Is My Best Vlog To Date

This was the second vlog we ever made as a company and the first vlog I ever hosted. We love vlogging and we're trying to make it a routine so we could document this time of our lives. But, we're also starting a business, and unfortunately the business is barely making any money right now so it's all hands on deck so we can eat and pay rent next month.

Maybe one day Steem will allow me to vlog full time while taking care of my basic human needs :). Until then I got 11 vlogs saved up that I can post on here for you to enjoy!

Thanks for watching! All comments are appreciated. I'd love the feedback, positive or negative.

P.S. This content was made by me and my friends before we knew about Steemit. All the vlogs I make in the near future are going to be primarily for the Steemit community :)