Morning Flash Vlog: FREE STEEM/SBD & VeChainThor GIVEAWAY! During a Bear Market, lets get free Crypto & BUY BTC?! + 🤢 Bitconnect Comeback?!?

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Wassup guys! @sirlunchthehost here and I'm back with another #FREECRYPTOGIVEAWAY (not a real hashtag). Anyway, this time around I am giving away...Drum Roll Please STEEM, SBD & VeChainThor. That's Right, crazy man lunch is handing out free money again! During a Bear Market I feel inclined to raise morale! I know its going to turn into a Bull Market sometime during the year, but while its down why not give some Free Crypto? Most people would't do this because its Anti HODLING, but who care about HODLING when people need to feel confident about the markets? I don't care! Well I kinda care, but I care about the people more. With that being said here are the details on how to earn each Crypto.

To Enter into the VeChainThor Contest Subscribe to my YOUTUBE CHANNEL. Leave a Comment on the Video saying something about VeChainThor & make sure you have a Binance Account

To Enter into the STEEM & SBD Contest, make sure you Follow,Upvote & Comment & Maybe Resteem this post & Subscribe to my YOUTUBE CHANNEL Leave a comment talking about STEEM/SBD & Steemit!



Thank you to everyone who supports the efforts being made here, @drakos & @thedolphincocoon & @nanzo-scoop, very big shout out!

The Winners will be announced this Saturday, I want to give people enough time to find out about it and get a chance to enter in!

If we can reach over 50 Likes on the Video via Youtube and over 200 views + 150 - 200 Subs, I will do a $100.00 BTC Giveaway as the next contest! So lets spread the word and get more people involved.

Remember this is for you guys! Love and Peace, @sirlunchthehost.


If your a WHALE or Mini WHALE on Steemit and want to support the movement, upvote and leave a comment! Special Rewards for those who help me, help the people! whispers Spread this to your whale friends. <3


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Thanks for the support @jjb777! You know I appreciate you.

Yes the price of SBD is high just as you analyzed. That's just the way I feel too. @samest

Thank you for the giveaway though. @sirlunchthehost

No problem, I do it for the people of crypto! Thanks for the support.

No body anticipated that the price of steem would be this low, imagine steem/sbd was trading at 10$+ last year December, I saw a post from haejin where he was saying steem/sbd will hit 50$😂😂😂, now steem/sbd aren't up to 1$, my guess is steem/sbd only moon when it's December lol😀😀, the only thing to do now is to wait and holdl maybe prices will increase soon
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Thanks for the giveaway man👑👑😀

I see a comment here about someone not expecting to see STEEM and SBDs go this low. Well, I can remember STEEM at seven cents so 88cents is a bit of a bummer but it's not the end of the world.

They will go back and up and likely will go past the seven or eight dollars they were last December/January. In the meantime, there is much work to do.

I lead one community and take part in others. Life is going on in the communities which have formed in Discord. Continue to post, you not only maintain your contacts and network but you can grow it before the price goes up and everyone and their brother floods onto the platform looking for a quick buck. You'll have been building steadily and will have bigger bucks.

As for a bitconnect comeback... some people have no shame or are just shameless scammers.. who knows.

Hello friend, I hope you are well, it is good to see people who sit in their vehicles and are determined to help the community. on youtube and steemit. Continue doing a good job, friend, who does good receives good things. Have a nice day

Good morning friend, how nice to find people like you, wow that's a great giveaway. Steemit a platform, I am very happy to have found it and more in the current situation of my country, which has been quite helpful.
Also we can find people like you. Thank you sir :)

Hello @sirlunchthehost. Thanks for the support to everyone at steemit. There are more opportunities to grow together.
Although I am a bit new on the platform and on this world of cryptocurrencies, good to see people interested in this. It makes you want to study much more about this cryptoworld.

Thanks for the insight

You are crazy to be giving out free steem during this period. Guess we're all crazy anyways

I am here for the long term - building my SP is my priority right now and a platform as revolutionary às steemit should not be just about the money

Steem will bounce back, I believe so, it is too good a product to fail

Yeah, I am a bit crazy to do it, but I feel like its good for people who aren't earning that much steem. Thanks for the support!

I love the idea behind this giveaway. Over the last few months steem has had its rise and falls. We are hope to see better days around here soon.
Great work!
Great mind!!
Great idea!!!
Kudos @sirlunchthehost
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Much appreciated! Giveaways are the best way to help others I believe

Subscribed to your YouTube channel and followed here , you seem like a great steemian :D and from the sounds of it super generous too.
Even thought steem and sbd are low like the market sentiment, it's still a chunky amount to give away.
I'm hoping that the crypto markets pick up soon and gets everyone out of this funkyness.

Not here for the gifts but i love your initiatives, really mean there is still some around on steemit to keep this groove on, remembered back then how people check the contest tag every second. bless ✌️

Thank you for the support! I appreciate it a lot.

not a problem. Thanks for the support

Thank you again for your insight & generosity! You tha man, man <3

The bloody drop in Bitcoin deeply affect steem/sbd but I can see the drop much of steem. Though I'm not versatile in crypto analysis but Steemit platform has given me and others user/author benefit to earn free token via word comtent. Again I sense that sbd is scare and Steemit platform is rewardimg author with steem and SP which make the price of sbd higher than steem.

Sir lunch thanks for the giveaway video sharing what a selfless mind.

I'm hoping SBD gains more value, that would be awesome.

The crypto world at large is getting some confused if to HODL or let go. Steem/sbd going down is equivalent to other cryptos going down and we HODL to when the great rise shall come up.

Thanks for this giveaway.
To add up, I love that your cap. 😍😂

Hi @sirlunchthehost! We are @steem-ua, a new Steem dApp, computing UserAuthority for all accounts on Steem. Starting from the witnesses, UA propagates from user to user based on its followers until equilibirum is reached. We are currently in test modus upvoting quality contributions with a high UA value (UA_author + UA_post)! Your UA_post value is 7.348.

I loved the part about: "Lambo for your grandma!" because I am a grandma! LOL! I agree that Steem/SBD will rebound, because there are plenty of us working to make it a reality!

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This is awesome, I just learned about vechain yesterday and find this today. Lol, vechain really doing a great job and I love everything I read and research about the project. In fact I will try and put in some dough soon. About bear market, that is normal thing everyone just need to see even Fiat currencies face this too but the noise is much here than anywhere else. Lol. Steem and other coin will still grow when it is time for that, everything is about time.

Thanks for the giveaway. Rsteemed, commented and upvoted here and on YouTube.

SirLunchTheOprah! I'm still waiting for our parody of This is America to drop.

I like that name lol, if i wasn't so busy i would jump right on the parody.

Well brotha what can I say, we are the steemy people for now ! the true ones at least. These extra low prices have brought us a little down with em but, we keep posting, we keep creating and delivering content, emotions. We are the sould of this platform!
I guess we could say this is a HARD one, and that we will rise with or without it, because if one thing is for sure is that we are learning and eager to keep building communities, social interaction and the future we're already working on ;) thank you for all that you do on a daily basis, I know, few really realize all that we do to make sure we stick together, strong and dedicated to our purpose: MOON LAMBO!! HA ! Nah dude, I'm just kidding.. NOT! We will be fuckin rich, famous but more important than any of that, we will look at each other and know we were here from the start, building something great together. Cheers to that!

Always a bloody pleasure listening to that husky American vocal that you're so blessed to have! Steemit up, little darling, Steemit up! as Bob would have said!

The place where you said bitconnect was r**** really got me.. hahaha!

Well steem price is low now but I am confident that it shall rise again. And thanks to people like you who takes time to build the confidence level to 360 degree high. Bless you @sirlunchthehost

I'm glad I could make you laugh! Means im doing my job!

Hi darling, it's good to see you here, wonderful what you're doing. It's interesting how you can sit relaxed in your car and go like "well let's do a giveaway today" lol. Thank you for your recommendations and for the interest in knowing more about crypto.
You have a new subscriber on youtube. :)

Wow thanks for this amazing giveaways
i need to tell my friends about it
have a chill day
peace o/

God bless you with much wisdom and health for everything you do. :)
This wonderful platform helps many people. The cryptocurrencies the best thing that has happened so far.
See you around @sirlunchthehost

I'm not crypto savvy..But i know people view Bitcoin as the grandfather of all coin with its rise and fall the crypto market gets affected...And thank you for the morale boost and the awareness...We remain confident and believe in this chain(Steem / SBD)....IT WILL RISE

has this contest ended?, cos i seriously need motivation to stay in this world( crypto world)